Michigan Public Radio pushed back the feature of me to tomorrow so it wouldnt get lost in the shuffle of the state of the union reaction…more news on that tomorrow…

Uber Busy

Been so very busy… Well to busy to update THIS blog

let’s see perhaps a little recap will do:

I was mentioned in the New York Times because of my video blog.

I went to New York for “Vloggercue” and presented at the Soho Apple store downtown.

I went to Germany, Holland, and Belgium for a whole month!

I am the assistant editor for a blog about vlogs.

I started a second video blog that has extra footage and more “artsy” videos.

I am acting as a “vlog filter” picking out really great video blog videos.

I am a real employee for Words of Hope!

You can see a bunch of pictures from my adventures over at my flickr account

C’mon folks, just bookmark and start watching my life happen in video…Xanga feels so played out.

Senator Edwards

I got an e-mail from Amanda from Rocketboom about two weeks ago. She told me and a few other people that Senator John Edwards was starting a video blog and they needed some questions to be sent in. They asked us to be the first bunch of people to start this ball rolling so this is the product of that.

It is pretty cool that a politician is using this medium as a great way to communicate with the country, I can see this being a pretty normal thing for other politicians in the near future!


I am moving.

For the past 2 years I have lived in the Regency park Apartments Town-homes. Not a bad deal I should say so myself.  Starting in the next couple of weeks, I will begin moving all my possessions to the corner of Burton and East Paris.  I will be living in two bedrooms that are in the upstairs of a church office. It is basically a house that has been converted into 2 offices, one for the pastor, and one for the secretary. They get the downstairs and We (a former Calvin student, now engineer and church sound guy) get the 4 bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen on the first floor. The kitchen is really big, the bedrooms aren’t that big, but they will me a nice living space. I have to talk to them to see if I can get Cable tv and cable internet installed, but otherwise I will be 150 a month that is rent AND utilities! There is a giant unfinished basement that i hear floord just a tiny bit every once in a while, but that will be good for storing random stuff in plastic bins. So I am not to worried about my living situation right now. I am very excited to be moving, and you should keep your eyes out for a video-blog post showing my new digs!

Here is the outside of the house:


did you know that if you type in the name josh leo into google, I am the first 2 hits! That is a pretty big feat for me considering that there is a big country record producer named josh leo. and if you type in vlog grand rapids, I have 5 of the results onthe first page! Hooray for google!

For Mom

I was urged by my Mother to make another post…since she can’t watch my Vlog, so here it goes!

Everything really seems to be falling into place. I will be moving into a nice place with really really low rent, I have been offered a job at my internship that will pay me salary with medical benefits and a raise once I graduate! My trip to Germany is slowly coming together also, and I am very excited about seeing Europe. My Vlogging is really starting to take off too. I get a lot of feedback on all my posts, and that is really satisfying. My car is having some trouble, but that will have to be dealt with…oh well.

I really enjoy the new medium of video to express my feelings and thoughts

it is also a really great way for people to get to know me and see what my life is like. There is something about Vlogs that make the mundane interesting. I could write a giant paragraph about getting a cavity filled, or I could film it and edit in such a way that it is really fun to watch…amazing!

I am eager for school to be coming to an end, but I am not excited about all the work that comes near the end of school…kinda intimidating.

I think this is going to be one of the best summers that i have ever had…it might even begin to compete with Alaska!

if you would like to see some pictures of my life, and other stuff like that, I have a Flickr account that can be found here: Josh’s Photo Album It is a really cool site that is like a photo-blog! and since I got a pro-account when it was in testing, I got 2 gigs of space a month to put pictures! I guess I better start snapping away!

Another Try

Ok so lets give this another try.

Did you know that there is a place on the Internet (yes the very Internet that you are surfing this second) where you can see:

Josh Leo pull a really cool prank on Calvin’s Campus

Josh Leo strolling down the train tracks, but nearly getting run over by a train

A touching piece of video-apology to an unknown person

Josh Leo’s Entire Easter Weekend broken up into 7 different parts:
The Drive There
Easter Eggs
Family Time
Easter Morning
My Old House
More Family Time
The Drive Home

Josh Leo fire guns at random objects

Josh Leo take you on a little trip for Sunday Dinner

Josh Leo experience the phenomenon, and booty-shaking fun of iTunes