I am a consumer. I enjoy walking up and down the grocery store aisles to just look at the many different products available. Sometimes I find things that I think are just GREAT! But the sad side to this is that sometimes those products are discontinued. I the consumer can no longer consume what have become much-loved items! So now I present you with my list of favorite discontinued foods. The products that can no longer put a smile on my face.

Wrigley’s Extra – Original Flavor
extra_bubble_gum.jpgWhen I was a kid, I had a friend whose father worked for Wrigley. I had the honor of trying their “Winterfresh” flavor of gum before it hit the mass market, and I always had an endless supply of gum when I went to his house. My friend introduced me to a very special flavor of Extra gum. It looked like the typical bubblegum flavor that everyone knows, but this was something very different. The flavor was called “Original.”The packaging was a slight tinge more purple and the taste was phenomenal. Wikipedia describes the flavor as “a unique blend of strawberry, bubblegum, and raspberry.” It was hard to find in stores. Every time I or my friend found a pack of it, we would share it with the other and rejoice in our good fortune. It was only recently, however, that I discovered that this joy would never be realized again. Wrigley’s discontinued “Original” Extra on July 1, 2003. You can’t find it anywhere even though it was the best flavor that has ever existed in the Extra lineup.

Planters Cheez Balls
cheeze balls I made a video that included my complaints on this particular topic, so I won’t go on about this too much. The reason I liked cheez balls so much (besides an awesome taste) was because of the container, and shape. The container easily fit between my legs as I drove, which made for easy snacking. The lid made it easily resealable and the balls were fantastically bite-size. Sure there are other cheese balls out there, but none of them have that crunch, none are in the can, and none are made by planters. Goodbye Cheez Balls, I will miss you!

Dweebs.gifDo you remember Dweebs? There is a good chance you don’t because they were only around for about 3 years. They were promoted as “cousins of Nerds” They were bigger, softer, and had a different flavor. The boxes were just like nerds except Dweebs boxes had 3 compartments with a flavor in each section. Dweebs were out at the height of my candy-consumption career. They were one of my favorites. I always have loved tangy candy, especially the chewy ones. I wish Dweebs would come back, but alas, they are yet another delicious candy never to be seen again lining the shelves.

Square Laffy Taffy
laffy.jpgKids today still eat Laffy Taffy. It is one of my favorite candies (again with the chewy tangy thing). But I can remember a time when I would go to Ben Franklin (the ultimate place for candy in my neighborhood growing up) and there was a whole section of Laffy Taffy. I believe they were 5 cents a piece and they were square. They weren’t thin rectangle strips like today, they were little blocks of taffy. But the more important thing is their flavors. Laffy Taffy used to come in a BUNCH of flavors such as: orange, vanilla, blue punch, in addition to the usual flavors you see now. I REALLY wish they would bring back those flavors. I would KILL for an orange Laffy Taffy.

So in conclusion. If you really like an edible product, it may be a good idea to stockpile it just in case that horrible day comes that it is discontinued. P.S. if anyone can find any of these products for me still today, PLEASE contact me and I will do whatever it takes to eat them again!