The Multifaceted Vlogosphere

multitask.jpgWhen I tell people that I am a videoblogger, the first thing that comes to their mind is that I make videos. This is very true. I consider myself a content creator, a creative person, a person who works with moving images to express myself and tell stories. But what they may forget is the other jobs I, as a videoblogger, have. I am a cameraman, on-screen talent, writer, director, editor, web designer, graphic designer, video compression technician, marketing team, billing department, collection department, content manager, community builder, and teacher. I do this in addition to a full time Job as a Radio Producer. Videoblogging is not just creating videos, It is adapting, redesigning, and handling every aspect of the creative, technical, and business side of this new medium. Ideally, I would be able to just create the videos and have other people handle all that other stuff for me, but that is almost impossible.

I am, however, very thankful for all the people in the vlogosphere who specialize in the areas that I am weak in. I am happy that people like Kevin Buckstiegel and Rudy Jahchan who know PHP, CSS, and all that other code out there backwards and forwards are in this sphere. I am thankful for people like Enric who solve the problems of video formats and RSS aggregation, allowing me to focus on creating. I am thankful for people like Tim Shey/NNN and Zadi and Steve who have given me opportunities to do some freelance work and put my skills to use. I am thankful for Verdi and Ryanne for figuring out compression stuff every time apple changes things. I am thankful for the creators of Fireant for making it easy to watch all the video out there. I am thankful for and all the work they do to make posting and hosting easy. I am thankful that all these people work in the same space creating things for each other. It is a match made in heaven. It is the beauty of the vlogosphere: people with different passions cooperating to make the user experience that much better!


  1. I hear ya Josh.. I was thinking this past weekend how things used to be a lot easier when I started vlogging.. now it seems that a little more complicated. I’m also thankful that people share the knowledge they have to help others. One of the big ones to thank as well… BLIP.TV… they rock.

  2. There’s so much to be thankful for in this community of people. I’m constantly reminding myself to enjoy this time, when we all know each other and support each other so generously. It’s a special time, it really is.

    Like Schlomo said, I think we’re all thankful that you’re in this community doing the things you do so well. It’s all just getting started… 🙂

  3. Josh, we’re thankful for you. I’m always amazed at how good the videobloggers we’ve come to know are. It’s a good feeling to be in this together. Yeah, a special time to be enjoyed. 🙂

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