Sleeping with a Kitten

My cat Winnie Cooper has recently proven to be a hindrance to a good nights sleep. In the past, while I was sleeping, she would scratch my hamper, claw at pictures at the wall, knock down lamps, play with toy mice, scratch at drawers, lick my face, get into the trash, play with the kitchen sink stopper, and mess with the blinds. Most of these activities would wake me up at night. I would undoubtedly have to get up, remove the distraction from her, and then return to sleep. But this has dramatically lessened since we have figured out a good routine, and made some modifications to my room. This is how the average night now goes:
1. I make sure to gather up all the toy mice in the house and hide them so she can’t find them while i sleep
2. I go to sleep.
3. I am woken up by Winnie scratching at a dresser drawer
4. I call winnie, she hops on the bed near my head, I lift the blankets and she crawls in.
5. Winnie sleeps a little bit lying on my arm then gets up and walks off the bed
6. Winnie goes to sleep in her drawer.

Yeah that Is right, my cat sleeps in the dresser next to my bed. I pulled out an empty drawer and put her little mat in the one below it. When I wake up in the morning, I call her name, and out pops her head. I get a better nights sleep, and she has her own space. She still sleeps on the bed from time to time, but only part of the night.

so that is how I have managed to sleep with a kitten in the house.

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