Sleeping with a Kitten

My cat Winnie Cooper has recently proven to be a hindrance to a good nights sleep. In the past, while I was sleeping, she would scratch my hamper, claw at pictures at the wall, knock down lamps, play with toy mice, scratch at drawers, lick my face, get into the trash, play with the kitchen sink stopper, and mess with the blinds. Most of these activities would wake me up at night. I would undoubtedly have to get up, remove the distraction from her, and then return to sleep. But this has dramatically lessened since we have figured out a good routine, and made some modifications to my room. This is how the average night now goes:
1. I make sure to gather up all the toy mice in the house and hide them so she can’t find them while i sleep
2. I go to sleep.
3. I am woken up by Winnie scratching at a dresser drawer
4. I call winnie, she hops on the bed near my head, I lift the blankets and she crawls in.
5. Winnie sleeps a little bit lying on my arm then gets up and walks off the bed
6. Winnie goes to sleep in her drawer.

Yeah that Is right, my cat sleeps in the dresser next to my bed. I pulled out an empty drawer and put her little mat in the one below it. When I wake up in the morning, I call her name, and out pops her head. I get a better nights sleep, and she has her own space. She still sleeps on the bed from time to time, but only part of the night.

so that is how I have managed to sleep with a kitten in the house.

Next New Networks and the New Vlogosphere.

N3.JPGNext New Networks has officially launched and has gotten some significant press in the past few days. N3 is run by a number of people who have had great success in “old media.” MTV, Nickelodeon, Sundance, AOL are just a few of the organizations connected to these folks. Some people may look at N3 and see old media trying to squeeze into the growing online video world that us videobloggers helped to create, but I see something different. Tim Shey has been working with videobloggers since early 2006 (Rocketboom, then Amanda Congdon for her Amanda Across America vlog). He also helped with the Halloween Vlog Fest last October. N3 is mixing the TV model with the video blog model. They have topical “networks” that focus on things like DIY fashion, cars, cartoons, and comics. They are mixing old media knowledge with New media practices

But this question begs to be asked: Are they gonna ruin this and make it just another corporate “old media” bastardization of “new media?” I say a resounding NO! N3 seems to understand some things that many other groups trying to jump into this new media world don’t.

1. Passion is important – Finding people who love the topics you want to build content around is Key. Having a pretty face hosting a show about home beer brewing may appeal to the carnal urges of male viewers, but having a guy who has been brewing at home for the past 20 years will pay off in the end. You can tell when someone loves what they are talking about it. Authority and passion is better than a pretty face or a “hip” look. But on the flip side, the person has to be able to combine that passion with an ability to present information and entertain. N3 Does this by finding the folks who have a strong interest in a topic and put them together with a solid group of producers etc. In the end the product reflects that.

2. A relationship with “the community” is key – Social networking, meetups, adding buddies or friends, Web 2.0 is all about the personal relationship in addition to quality service. A good example of this is you can call those guys any time of the day and they will help you out. they fix bugs on time and serve the community. Tim Shey seems to fill this position with N3. He jumps on the Videoblogging yahoo group, he gets involved with events, and even helped Galacticast obtain one of the things on their wish list. I would love for other members of the N3 team to get to know the folks who make up the vlogosphere, so here’s hoping.

3. Production quality is important – Obviously, the standards of production have been jammed into our heads by “old media.” some might say that the “amateur” aesthetics of videoblogging are a response to that. There are a number of different explanations to this disparity however. 1. Small budgets limit the amount of time and resources that can be dedicated to a single video. 2. videobloggers wear many hats and cannot be professional editors, talents, directors, and marketers, all at once. 3. The “rough” aesthetic reflects authenticity. Viewers have begun to distrust slick editing, ultra-polished perfomances, and super-model talent. But conversely, viewers still demand a certain level of production. they want enough style and professionalism to effectively communicate and entertain but not too much that it seems like there are ulterior motives. N3 seems to walk this fine line very well. Just look at Thread Heads and Pulp Secret. You can tell that the folks hosting the episodes are real people, not fabricated faces to a network.

But there are some things that N3 needs to keep in mind, especially when it comes to integrating advertising. While watching Pulp Secret, I noticed the usual interstitial promo like in most N3 episodes, but it was a bit disrupting. I don’t mind the promos, but the producers need to make sure to keep the transitions short and sweet. Make taking a break like quickly ripping off a band-aid. So far the promos have been in a similar vain as the conent. Let’s hope that they continue to be entertaining and fresh.

The group has been good with posting to their blog about upcoming projects etc, but I would love to see some more transparency. It is a difficult thing to do when business and non-disclosure agreements are involved, but I would love to know more abut what is going on in the N3 office, who is working on what, and what new projects are in the works! So, in the spirit of transparency, I will let you know that I have been working with the N3 folks on some Channel Frederator Promos and hope to continue to work with them on other projects. (My first promo will appear in the next episode of Channel Frederator, #71) So while it may seem that I am trying to kiss some N3 ass, I will simply state that I truly think that they got some good things going for them and am excited to see them grow with more networks covering a variety of topics.