The Cat Co-host Controversy

When Little Jerry Seinfeld (my former cat) and I started working together in 2005, we got off to a good start, but after starring in some of my most popular videos, he demanded more from me. He wanted me to agree to a contract where he would get a can of tuna a day, and a new toy mouse every week. During negotiations he got really heavy into catnip and started to be really belligerent. I told him that I couldn’t agree to his demands so he left. I told everyone it he videoblogging world that he ran away, but it was a little more complicated than that. We lost touch after that (I do know that he started hanging out with a group of strays who had not yet been neutered or spayed).

After Jerry left, I was forced to find a new cat-co-host. I searched all over and found some real talent with Winnie Cooper. As she grew she proved to be a fantastic partner. She helps me edit videos, curates and has starred in a few of her own videos. I am happy with the way things are going and hope there isn’t too much bad blood between Jerry and I. Last I heard he was thinking about going into rehab and getting back into the videoblogging scene, but we will see how things play out. I suppose that there could have been ways to prevent the whole situation, but you learn from your mistakes.

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