I Called 911 Last Night

Last night (around 12:30 am) as I was playing fetch with my cat Winnie, I heard a noise coming from the apartment above me. I recognized the sound as the buzzer/doorbell of apartment 7. I looked outside to the front stoop of my building and saw a guy pressing the button. I think it was the same guy that I had seen the night before. He was helping the girl above me move into her new apartment. At first I thought that maybe she was asleep and he needed to get back in. Maybe he left something in the apartment. Maybe he got locked out. Maybe they had a fight and he wanted to apologize. He made a few calls on his cell phone, rang the bell some more and then walked off.

I went to bed but as i was trying to ease into sleep, I heard something outside my bedroom window. You see, my building is shaped like a horeseshoe. There are 6 apartments but they are not connected in the back of the building. There is a small pathway on the ground that separates the back of the building. This dude was shimmying his way up the inside of my building by having his back against one side and his feet on the other. I saw the light from his cell phone reflecting off the brick of the building next to my window. (Remember I live on the second floor) He managed to get all the way up the the third floor (I immediately said a tiny prayer for this idiot because I did not want to see his brains all smushed on the pavement 3 stories down) and then he stood on a window sill. By this time I had my way to the bathroom to get a better view out the window. I couldn’t see him any more so I walked out of the bathroom. As I was walking I heard a crash of a window. The dope had kicked in the window and crawled in. I heard his footsteps above me and then he quickly walked right out the door, down the stairwell, out the front door and off into his car. I don’t know if he stole something or what but I knew something shady was up.

My first thought was “Well that sucks, oh well im gonna go to bed.” However I was convicted to do something about what had just conspired and decided to call 911. I told them what happened. they said they would send someone over and I was to wait for them (it was already 12:55 by that time). Well, it took the officer about a half hour to get there. When he arrived, I told him everything, showed him the back area and the broken window, and gave him my name, birthday, and phone number. He gave me a card and said “Give this to the girl if you see her, tell her a report has been filed.” That was it. Completely anti-climactic. I had to stay up an hour past when I wanted to go to sleep because of some dopey dude breaking into his girlfriends new apartment, and because of the tardy Police officer. Nevertheless, it was an interesting night and I am eager to hear the backstory of what transpired if I do talk to the girl again…


  1. That’s weird. Last night as I lay sleeping around that same time I heard someone screaming “Call 911!” from outside my window.

    It turns out it was some drunk guy.

    I’m pretty impressed that he managed to climb all the way up like that. I loked myself out of the apartment Sunday night and considered trying the same thing but I chickened out. The walls were probably too far apart anyway.

    At least you identified him. Without you, she probably wouldn’t have been able to prove it was the same guy.

  2. that sounds really scary.I found this blog thing when i searched i heard something outside cuz i heard something in my basement and outside like a window closing and stuff moving butt i would give it a 3 if i were to rate it in the stuff that happens to my house @_@

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