Uber Busy

Been so very busy… Well to busy to update THIS blog

let’s see perhaps a little recap will do:

I was mentioned in the New York Times because of my video blog.

I went to New York for “Vloggercue” and presented at the Soho Apple store downtown.

I went to Germany, Holland, and Belgium for a whole month!

I am the assistant editor for wearethemedia.com a blog about vlogs.

I started a second video blog that has extra footage and more “artsy” videos.

I am acting as a “vlog filter” picking out really great video blog videos.

I am a real employee for Words of Hope!

You can see a bunch of pictures from my adventures over at my flickr account

C’mon folks, just bookmark www.JoshLeo.com and start watching my life happen in video…Xanga feels so played out.