I am moving.

For the past 2 years I have lived in the Regency park Apartments Town-homes. Not a bad deal I should say so myself.  Starting in the next couple of weeks, I will begin moving all my possessions to the corner of Burton and East Paris.  I will be living in two bedrooms that are in the upstairs of a church office. It is basically a house that has been converted into 2 offices, one for the pastor, and one for the secretary. They get the downstairs and We (a former Calvin student, now engineer and church sound guy) get the 4 bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen on the first floor. The kitchen is really big, the bedrooms aren’t that big, but they will me a nice living space. I have to talk to them to see if I can get Cable tv and cable internet installed, but otherwise I will be 150 a month that is rent AND utilities! There is a giant unfinished basement that i hear floord just a tiny bit every once in a while, but that will be good for storing random stuff in plastic bins. So I am not to worried about my living situation right now. I am very excited to be moving, and you should keep your eyes out for a video-blog post showing my new digs!

Here is the outside of the house:


did you know that if you type in the name josh leo into google, I am the first 2 hits! That is a pretty big feat for me considering that there is a big country record producer named josh leo. and if you type in vlog grand rapids, I have 5 of the results onthe first page! Hooray for google!