For Mom

I was urged by my Mother to make another post…since she can’t watch my Vlog, so here it goes!

Everything really seems to be falling into place. I will be moving into a nice place with really really low rent, I have been offered a job at my internship that will pay me salary with medical benefits and a raise once I graduate! My trip to Germany is slowly coming together also, and I am very excited about seeing Europe. My Vlogging is really starting to take off too. I get a lot of feedback on all my posts, and that is really satisfying. My car is having some trouble, but that will have to be dealt with…oh well.

I really enjoy the new medium of video to express my feelings and thoughts

it is also a really great way for people to get to know me and see what my life is like. There is something about Vlogs that make the mundane interesting. I could write a giant paragraph about getting a cavity filled, or I could film it and edit in such a way that it is really fun to watch…amazing!

I am eager for school to be coming to an end, but I am not excited about all the work that comes near the end of school…kinda intimidating.

I think this is going to be one of the best summers that i have ever had…it might even begin to compete with Alaska!

if you would like to see some pictures of my life, and other stuff like that, I have a Flickr account that can be found here: Josh’s Photo Album It is a really cool site that is like a photo-blog! and since I got a pro-account when it was in testing, I got 2 gigs of space a month to put pictures! I guess I better start snapping away!

Another Try

Ok so lets give this another try.

Did you know that there is a place on the Internet (yes the very Internet that you are surfing this second) where you can see:

Josh Leo pull a really cool prank on Calvin’s Campus

Josh Leo strolling down the train tracks, but nearly getting run over by a train

A touching piece of video-apology to an unknown person

Josh Leo’s Entire Easter Weekend broken up into 7 different parts:
The Drive There
Easter Eggs
Family Time
Easter Morning
My Old House
More Family Time
The Drive Home

Josh Leo fire guns at random objects

Josh Leo take you on a little trip for Sunday Dinner

Josh Leo experience the phenomenon, and booty-shaking fun of iTunes