Full Swing

So I have gotten into the full swing of vlogging. Instead of wrting about my trip home for easter, i decided to show it to everyone…please visit my vlog and let my know what you think!

Interested in Vlogs

I don’t know why all of my creative blogging juices have seemed to dry up. Maybe it is the Michigan weather, maybe all my creativity is being used at my internship or for my classes. I did try to make a Vlog video….that is Video-Blog for all who don’t know. The idea of having a Vlog has got me wondering if I should start one. I think that maybe once I get a good video camera of my own, and maybe my own domain, and the knoledge of how to make my own site. then I will actually give it a try.

Here are some links to some cool Vlogs

I would be willing to make a weekly video entry…hmmm…hopefully once I get a nice steady job then I can afford some stuff adn have a nice Vlog.

man that is really sad…..my “Big Dreams” are of having a nice Vlog…

Picture Posts, Time to get your Picture Posts

does anyone even know what fantasitic show I am referencing with the above title?

Anyway…Here is another amazing post of wonderful pictures and the like:

Yeah I really am just sitting at home, going to my internship, and a bunch of other boring things like going to the dentist and doing homework.

Last Spring Break: Steven’s Arch on the Escalante River in Escalante Utah.

This Spring Break: Meijer Parking Lot, Grand Rapids Michigan. 29°F.

I went to the wedding of a friend this past weekend. I played dulcimer with some other people for the recessional. It was fun. But what was more fun was the reception:

Not because of the butterfly garden: Blue Morphos are my favorite!

or because of this creepy thing:

but because of this: Chocolate Fountain!!!!

Yes, that is a giant flowing fountain of melted chocolate. They also had a white chocolate fountain. You got strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, pineapple, etc. to just drench with chocolate…Waaay better than any cake!

Hair Today, Gone….Well….Today.
My hair was getting out of control, so I decided to do away with it:

And yes, I did cut the rest off….

Well, that has been the highlights of my Spring Break (not to mention the awesome Tony Furtado concert last night at the one trick pony, and the crazy drunk woman in front of us..)

I hope you enjoyed yourself…Have a nice day.

Sorry, Cash, Teeth,

Holy Crap! I have been very busy. I have been working on things for  school, interning at WOH (p.s. the first words that I have ever recorded for them can be found here I say the words “Serendipity” and “Butterfly” That was like 4 weeks ago, my first day, more shows featuring me are on their way) I have also been busy working at the hotel… I am sorry for not updating.

I have made 2 big purchases in the past two weeks.


No I did not purchase a plane, but a ticket to Germany on SN Brussels Air on the 5th of August, and returning the 3rd of September. I am very excited, a trip this big isn’t actually real until you buy a plane ticket.


Finally, I have bought my own digital camera. no more borrowing my roomates cameras, no more missing pictures form fun events with friends, and moreover, a camera of my own to take to Germany.  I am gonna be a picture-taking fool!

I am going to the dentist for the first time in like 1.5 years… I have a funnyfeeling that it is not going to be fun considering that about 6 months ago part of one of my molars just cracked off….I can use it just fine but it was all rough and scratchy, but it smoothed out over time. The other problem is that I think my wisdom teeth are coming in. I hate the dentist already, I hate the smell, the taste of teeth-dust, that gritty toothpaste they use, and the fact that it hurts! I would just love it if they knocked me out for 3 days, pulled out my teeth and let me bleed! I don’t want to actually experience anything.