Is it wrong for me to be excited about the possibility of the Pope dying? Pope John Paul has been re-admitted into the hospital and people are worried. I have nothing against the Pope. I have nothing against Catholicism. I have no wierd death wish for Pope John Paul, I just am really excited to experience the whole process of the death of a Pope. This doesn’t come very often, it is like seeing a comet or something. Think about it, they will have an elaborate funeral, there will be the search and declaration of a new pope maybe it will be something like “Pope Shabaz Jenkins” or “Pope William Fuzzlebottom”…But I think they might have to change their name to be something more Popey…like Leo, John, Matthew, or Pius.

This pope is the 3rd longest serving Pope, he has led a full life, lets let him die and get a new one…Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a pope shelter like for dogs and cats. a bunch of little popes in cages, all staring with wide eyes at the bishops that walk in, just hoping to become ne next Pope. I am just excited to see the whole process of new Pope-ification. Don’t get me wrong I think the Pope is cool, but we have all been expecting that he would die sometime soon…Face it, he is not in the best shape…Let’s just accept the natural circle of life and enjoy the traditions of Popery.!


I love my internship and my internship loves me…I love my internship under the apple tree! I would much rather be working at Words of Hope than sitting in my Communication Ethics class…but hey, it will be all over in under a year! I voiced a show last week so it should be on the air in about 3. I am very excited about thousands of people all over the world hearing my voice!

I am currently looking for a place to live starting this summer….I need a home for next year also…I need roommates, a house, maybe my own room… PLEASE!!!   HOUSE ME!!!  I am a nice kid…and I don’t eat much…I can be your housemate at no cost!

There is a a group of guys working for Prof. Garcia who are filming a documentary for the Lily Vocation Project and I am one of the subjects. basically they follow me around some days and treat me like I am a celebrity. they filmed me sitting in class, at home, at work at the hotel, and plan on documenting what it is like to be me! it is kind of wierd, but I was very surprised that the guests at the hotel didn’t even blink when a camera was in their face….they completely ignored it! The most fun thing to do when they are filming me is to just out of nowhere look directly at the camera, flash the bull horns with your hand and stick your tounge out…they hate that!

Valentines Day Post

for most bloggers…there are four types of entries that they can come up with for this holiday celebrating love and the manipulation of consumers into spending money. Here are my examples of these posts:

The Lover Post:
I usually don’t get all excited about V-Day, but _________ and I are going out for a really nice dinner…he/she always smells so nice when we go out on special dates…but it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as I am with him/her

The Angry Cynic Post:
Valentine’s day is such a load of CRAP!!! I hope my ex-girlfriend gets herpes!!  I am going to rent Alien Vs. Predator tonight and watch it while eating cheese curls, enjoying the fact that I don’t have to spend loads of cash to convince some unappreciative girl that I still love her. Enjoy your crappy “holiday”…I know I will…

The Positive Single Post:
Even though I don’t have a date for Valentines Day I know God will someday put the right person in my life. I made a bunch of Valentines for my good friends and I can’t wait to give them out! Who needs a Valentine when you have God and good friends!? Happy Single-Awareness Day!

The Depressed Post:
Well, it looks like Valentines day will be spent without a Valentine again. Valentines day is the most depressing day of the year if you are single (like I am) there are pink, red and purple hearts everywhere….but mine is blue.

And of course there is me. (I could never be simplified into one “type”) I am not sure how I feel about Valentines Day. I would like to have somebody to spend it with…..but not someone who I am not “supposed to be with.”  I don’t wish any STD’s to my former girlfriends….However I am not completely satisfied with Little Jerry Being my Valentine (Thanks Mom )

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day, even if it is a great excuse for companies to force people to spend money money….Even though I think that the concept of being told what day to appreciate our loved-ones is somewhat rediculous, I would still be dissapointed if I didn’t get a little bit of love on the 14th.


When you have a really stuffy nose, eating tasty food is not as nearly as much fun as when you can actually smell it. I am missing out right now….however I think that by tomorrow morning I will feel much better.


Oh my goodness! I feel so unbelievably horrible right now! how long does being sick usually last? It happens so rarely to me that I can’t even remember. I get headaches every once in a while, maybe a stuffy nose…but the last time all I wanted to do was to lie in bed was when I was a freshman and had pneumonia! If I am not feeling better tomorrow morning, I am going to be so pissed off at my body. Sickness should really stick to times when I can afford to stay in bed all day!

Taking NyQuil (for the first time), and sleeping in,
This is Josh Leo hoping that his white blood cells are kicking some germ ass!



First things first, I think I am getting sick…I woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat and now I have a runny nose…this sucks.

Josh Worldwide
I am currently enrolled in an internship “course” but in order to get the credit you have to actually have an internship. I made my first resume, made some great cover letters and then applied to 2 places…I didnt get them. Then I called my brother’s girlfriend liz who works at Words of Hope. I asked if there wer any openings…and she said there might be. So I called her boss/my audio aesthetics professor. I asked him if there were any openings for an intern and he said yes and that I should come in for a tour Monday. I went in yesterday and said yes to the position. so now I will be heading up a new project in the “Spotlight” department of Words of Hope. I will be writing, producing, and voicing 5 minute programs for people who want to improve their English skills across the world. I can write about what ever I want, as long as it is good, and then have it broadcast to all corners of the world (there are 400 people in Equador alone who listen to Spotlight.) They will learn English, get a little tweak of Christianity, and learn something from whatI come up with! I am pretty excited to work there and I think it will be a really rewarding experience

Computer Crash

Computer Crash
Last wednesday I was trying to hook up my computer to my friends computer. Now, supposedly it is a coincidence that at that exact time my computer decided that it was going to screw me over and not start up like normal but I am not convinced. I called the Apple support people the next day, they ran me through all the computer fix-it things in their book and then asked my to click on an icon that is on the screeen, to which I responded:

Me: There is no icon
Computer guy: There is no icon?
Me: Nope, there is no icon.
Computer guy: hmmm.. let me put you on hold for a few minutes

The “hmmm” is the sign that you are screwed. When the support guy makes a sound that implies “That ain’t right” or “uh oh” you are basically being flagged in to assume the worst and come to the conclusion that all hope for having your computer back the way it was is now lost.
He told me that I could erase everything right then and he would walk me through it over the phone or I could take it to the Apple Store and have them check it out. I chose the second option, now keep in mind that the nearest Apple Store is in Novi Michigan. (2 hours away) I waited till Saturday and left that morning. when I got there, he booted it up and made a similar sound to the guy on the phone. he said that my hard drive wouldn’t mount and that if it wouldn’t mount I really couldn’t get the files off unless I wanted to spend $600-$1000 and have some company read the hard drive plates themselves. I declined that option and then swore and then gave him the go-ahead to erase my hard drive and make it like I just took it out of the box.

So let this be a lesson to us all BACKUP!!!! get an external hard drive or burn it on DVD’s because sooner or later your computer is gonna screw you over like no person ever has!