Lessons From the Weekend

  • Middle-school cheer leaders should never be left unnatended in a hotel
  • Parents who drink Jack Daniels and wear Harley Davidson T-shirts don’t chaperone their children whatsoever
  • Airfares are less predictable than the will of God
  • Americans Love Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Applying for internships sucks
  • Little Jerry Seinfeld is a very wierd cat.

Yes that is right folks, This weekend we had 2 floors out of 3 filled with “Cheer America” I put my experience from the Boys and Girls Club to use by yelling at kids all night while appeasing the other complaining guests. I had to clean a guests room (change the beds, vacuum, clean) I did get another tip out of it though! on top of the children being crazy, the parents who were….well….trashy….just sat in the lobby getting drunk and blaming the behavior on other people’s children!

I found a flight on Orbitz.com to germany in august for $584.00 earlier this week, but last night when I looked for it again (because I was going to buy it this week) I found that it was gone and that the rates were back up to $1000.00  I swore a lot, now i have to be patient and hope for better rates

This past weekend I saw a bunch of ads and articles about the A&E TV movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger. I made sure to catch some of it while I was at work, I was dissapointed with the guy who played the older Ah-nuld but what really struck me was that the man who is loved for acting in movies such as Total Recall and Kindergarted Cop, was able to become governer….Only in America, where politics are more celebrity than policy.

I am applying for internships this week, It is hard for me to get motivated about writing resumes and cover letters because I hate doing them and because it is work that only shows it’s benefits when you actually get a Job. I hate selling myself anyway.

My cat is a really big wierdo. I really can’t explain it…..just a wierdo.

2 Things

1. Isn’t it great when you get a tip at a job where you usually don’t get tips!

2. Why aren’t more cars hybrids? We wouldn’t be nearly as oil-hungry as we are now (so perhaps we might have less wars that concern this product), it is better for the environment, and it is cheaper…someone tell me the logic in this one!

Future Employment, and Today’s Reality

A Desire For the 9-5?
Is there something wrong with me when I realize that I really want a job where I can have my own desk, my own little work station full of pictures, little desk nick-nacks, and maybe even my own work-computer (preferably a Mac)? I really don’t care what kind of job it is (though I despise the idea of Data entry, how boring…) as long as I have nice people to work with and my own space. I am tired of entry-level jobs. I am ready for a 9-5 or better yet, a 8-4. I want to be paid enough to support myself. I want paid vacations (and maybe someday in the future, if I am a teacher, summers off) I want to bring pack-lunches again. I want to know that I have the same schedule every week and can plan my life accordingly. I want to have weekends free. I want to come home from work to my wife and sit down at a dinner table and eat a complete meal, meat, vegetable, starch.

Ready to Grow Up?
The problem with these desires is that I am not sure if I am ready to grow up. I am not sure if I am ready to have the responsibility of a full time jobs where my work REALLY counts! on the flip side, I am aching for the opportunity to put some of my schooling to use. I want to know that the past 4 years have not been spent in vain.

The Limitations of the 9-5
The other problem that comes with the responsibility of a “real job” is the limiting aspects of the job itself. If I wanted to quit my job tomorrow, and go backpacking in Peru for a month, I could come back home and pick up right where I left off. i could find another part-time, low-pay job and go about my business. I am scared of having my travels and adventures relegated to 2 weeks of paid leave. I am not sure if many jobs allow unpaid leaves of absence, but I have a funny feeling it is not a popular thing to do.

The Ideal Options

  Option 1.)
I would like a job teaching highschool communications and sociology with the opportunity to lend a hand with directing plays. I would have the summers off to go backpacking and traveling, and still be paid a decent amount of money. I could be the cool teacher who plays at coffee shops with his band and has cool adventures every break he gets.
The Catch: This requires more schooling (and more money) for the teaching certificate and at least a minor in sociology.

  Option 2.)
I would like to have a job putting my creative abilities to use (be they musical, visual, or multimedia) I would get to have my own little space (as mentioned before) and I would be paid enough that I could take a month off without pay to see the world without causing problems at work.
The Catch: How many places just let employees leave for a month and then let them come back? Yeah right…

Option 3.)
     I would like a job that lets me put my communications/mass media knowledge to use by having me travel the world making documentaries, travel videos, or travel magazines. I would get paid to backpack and travel the country and feel satisfied that my years in college were not a waste.
The Catch: I am not specialized in film, video, photography, or writing. I consider myself knowledgeable and capable of in these areas, but I cannot compete with the people who exclusively studied in these fields, not to mention that I am sure these types of jobs are VERY rare and highly saught after.

Today’s Reality
So here I am, working an entry-level job waiting to grow up and dreaming of the near-impossibilities of an ideal career. I guess that is why I am taking advantage of the freedom that I have now. Germany is only 6 months off! and these pictures were taken just last week:

When it is Cold Outside

  • The snow sparkles as it falls
  • The snot in your nose freezes when you breathe in
  • your car takes just a little bit longer to start
  • The snow blows around like powdered sugar
  • The heat stays on longer to make up for those missing degrees
  • 60 degrees feels like a sauna
  • Mac Mini

    Picture Posts, Picture Posts, Time to Get your Picture Posts…
    So now that I am an official Mac nerd (well not in the sense that I know anything technical about them, just that they kick butt and I am now obsessed) I am all excited about the new Mac Mini. I decided to make my own Mock Model of the Mac Mini. (try saying that 10 times fast) I just realized that this model is actually 1/2 an inch too thick, so take that off in your mind.

    This is Me and the Mock Model Mac Mini,  I don’t know why I am scoweling, but the computer is small darn it!

    Here are 2 detail photographs, showing out the fine craftsmanship, the logo on the top is well….not good….and neither are the ports in the back of the computer, but I bet the real thing is a lot nicer.

    Here is your classic “cat for perspective” shot, most major computer companies include one of these in every catalog, cat’s are really becoming a standard for measurement now. “Well Bill, you say you want a desk the measures 5 cats long and 3 cats wide? Yeah I think I can do that”

    Since this computer is so darn small, I was trying to brainstorm new places that computers could be kept, etc. The first example actually puts that front pencil-drawer in most desks to use, mine is full of junk now, but if I got the Mini, I could put the whole darn computer in there and still have room for my pencils!

    You could keep it on your bookshelf next to some of your favorite reading!

    I wouldn’t reccomend this placement of a computer, but it is just proves my point in a nice visual way (my point is not that mac’s make good dinner)

    So in conclusion, it is really tiny….

    Is Life a Movie?

    Just Like the Movies
    I wish I could make life like the movies. I am not saying that I want to make everything a hollywood happy ending. I don’t need action and adventure. I just want all the right words. I want all the wit. I want to frame everything in my life through an artistic lens. I can remember my favorite scenes from the movie that is my life. I just that they weren’t so few and far between.

    The Imperfection of Life
    I want the perfect soundtrack to my life. I have made mixes of music for certain moods, certain environments, and certain events, that is as close as I can get. I want to be sitting there talking to the one I am madly in love with, finish my sentence and then have the perfect song swell to complete the moment. But maybe that is what reality is all about, the imperfection. There are awkward pauses, overlapping dialogue, interruptions and mistakes. People don’t always say the right thing, so when that rare time comes when it actually happens, it is better than any movie.

    Movies Influence on Life
    I wonder how much of our lives have been changed by movies. We have seen so many love stories, even in action films. Do we try to make our own relationships fit the stereotypical movie romance plotline? How many of our romantic ideas and words are inspired by movies? How often do we think up just the right line to say? Something that sounds like it is right out of a movie.

    The Movies I Like
    I like movies that are close to reality, I have to admit that I still like happy endings, or perhaps bittersweet endings. I like a lot of movies but I think I am drawn in by movies that are about people in real situations. Stories about personal struggle, stories built on basic human emotions like love, loss, anger, hurt, excitement, sadness, lonliness, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies with special effects, action, fantabulous events that would never happen to me, but they are entertainment. The films that move me are the ones that I can relate to for the sheer fact that I am a human with human emotions. Let’s make a list of movies that are on my mind that fit in this category. The Son’s Room, Kramer vs. Kramer, Lost in Translation, Life as a House, In America, Harold and Maude, Time of the Wolf, Magnolia, Garden State, In the Bedroom, Ordinary People, American Beauty, The Graduate, the list can go on but let’s stop there.

    ok…that’s enough about movies.

    New Blog and Work

    Old TV Blog!
    I have been trying to decide what to do with my alternate blog. I have come to the conclusion that it has to have some sort of consistent theme, sure the theme might change over time but fir now it is going to be my childhood television memories.Take a look and tell me what you think!

    Work? Yeah Right!
    Tomorrow I have to work at the hotel from 3-11pm. There are no check-ins, and only one person actually staying in the hotel itself. So that means that I really don’t have to do anything. I really have nothing to do…I guess I will be able to take advantage of the hotel’s wireless with this new computer thing I got…

    I did my first watercolor tonight…maybe I will post a picture of it, but for now I will just leave you with this:

    “Wave of Baby’s”
    This is My cousin’s Child…I am not sure if she is making a happy face or if she is deathly afraid of the weirdo holding her. you decide

    oh yeah…the obligatory “Happy New Year”