Lenny is Dead

That is right folks, the greatest detective In Law and Order History has Died. Mr. Jerry Orbach passed away today, and the world is a sadder place because of it.

We’ll miss you Jerry!

On a Lighter note…I cleaned the living room yesterday, Watched 2 movies and had a friend over…my life is really getting boring and I don’t know how to inject it full of excitement. (Especially since I am going to have a very similar schedule for the next 4 weeks) Things might pick up once people get back from Christmas break.

Boo to Tsunami’s Yay for Nordic Keyed Fiddles.

Teenage Coffee Shop Theology

I am sitting in Beaner’s, taking advantage of their wireless Internet (and delicious white chocolate raspberry latte’s) behind me are two teenage girls talking about the great theological topics that have been thrown around since the beginning of time. They are talking really loud I can hear every word they say and it is empty of knowledge. I think it is good that these girls talk freely about religion…but they speak as though they know what they are talking about but obviously have no grasp of the concepts they discuss. They go from theology then to what they are doing for new years eve, then back to the meaning of life. The major problem with their conversation, besides being really loud, is that it sounds like the type of “conversation” that people fake…like actors trying to come up with what “real conversation” sounds like….really really dumb…AAAHHH oh well…I should stop eavesdropping..so should my brother…Oh well, it is just that kind of day.

Christmas Time Is Here Again!

Sure this is not my “normal” Christmas, I am not lying on the floor of my Palos Heights home warming my feet by the heater in the den watching A Christmas Story for 24 hours Straight, but it is Christmas. I already celebrated with part of my family (the new part) and I am happy to say that things were very fun. I am quite happy with my gifts…*cough* iBook G4 *cough*…yeah I still really can’t believe it. I am happy that I got to see my Mom, Step-dad, Step-Siblings, and Step-Sibling-In-Laws? (This whole step, in-law junk is a pain in the butt!) I am back in GR and working on Christmas Eve, but at least now I can take advantage of the wireless internet in the hotel. I even get to watch A Christmas Story from across the lobby. I am celebrating tomorrow with the Grimberg side of the family, so that should be fun. That will conclude the my official celebration of the holiday. I have no plans for New Years Eve, I have to work New Years Day morning at 7:00am but that shouldn’t be too big of a deal, I will just drink some coffee and go about my regular business. But if anyone wants to hang out on New Years Eve night, just let me know!

Here are some Pictures from Christmas – Part 1.

Here is the gang (minus Kim, Jeremy, and Elise) sitting around the table talking over Birthday Cake and Coffee

Here I am reading the Christmas Alphabet Pop-up book to Caroline and Amelia (my Nieces)

And finally, Amelia talking on a cell-phone, She just walks around the house talking to nobody and even closes the darn thing with her chin!

I will tell you more about my holiday experiences once they are finished!

Movies! Films! Motion Pictures!

I have records of all the movies that I have rented since the beginning of April 2004…here is the list in order:

Secondhand Lions
Lost In Translation
The Edge
21 Grams
The Grapes of Wrath
Kramer vs. Kramer
My Life as a Dog
Joe the King
War of the Buttons
Last Emperor
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Best in Show
Little Big Man
Stuck on You
Gosford Park
Mystic River
City of God
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Cold Mountain
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Scary Movie 3
Secret Window
The Jerk
Master and Commander, the Far Side of the World
Grateful Dawg
Oceans 11 (Rat Pack Version)
Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
Girl With a Pearl Earing
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 1)
The Butterfly Effect
Life as a House
Rabbit-Proof Fence
The Triplets of Bellville
Ed Wood
Igby Goes Down
Hollywood Shuffle
Starsky & Hutch
In America
Sweet and Lowdown
Donnie Brasco
Requiem for a Dream
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
13 Conversations About One Thing
Changing Lanes
The Life of David Gale
Kill Bill Vol. 2
All the President’s Men
The Godfather
The Godfather (Part 2)
The Godfather (Part 3)
The Insider
The Mothman Prophecies
Vanilla Sky
Coffee and Ciggarettes
Super Size Me
Mean Girls
Once Upon a Time in America
Harold and Maude
The Day After Tomorrow
Touching the Void
Wall Street
The Great Escape
The Right Stuff
Jeremiah Johnson
The Joy Luck Club
Control Room
Thelma & Louise
A Day Without a Mexican
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Spider Man 2
The Son’s Room
The Terminal
The Bourne Supremacy
Pumping Iron (25th Anniversary Edition)
The Ladykillers
Freaks and Geeks (Disc 1 of 6)
Time of the Wolf (Watching it Tonight)
Collateral (Ariving Soon)

There they are, all 95 films…If I really get motivated over my January off, I will write a review for each one in the “Reviews” section of this site!

A Few Little Things

People are now expressing 1 of two sentiments right now:
1. Dang It! why can’t all this be over with!?? I am so sick of school!
2. I am FREE!!! No more stupid exams!!

Well I have been expressing sentiment 2 since tuesday afternoon, and all the people who were and still are expressing sentiment 1 hate me for it. I have the added pleasure of knowing that I won’t be back in a classroom for a good month and a half!

I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done, so that is always a plus. I spent a little bit more that I expected, but I am alright with that.

We had to take the tinsel off the Christmas tree because Little Jerry started eating it…

I wear a winter hat becaus it is cold. I het hat-head because of the hat. It is not normal hat-head though, it just makes me look unwashed, even if I showered that morning! I AM CLEAN!!!

People, Christmas, Arnold

The People Place!
So I guess the ITC is the place to be the week before Exams…this place is hip-happening. There are more people than anyone could get to come to a party even if they were serving Lil’ Smokies (We all know how much college kids love Lil’ Smokies!) The only real problem with this large gathering of people is that no one wants to hang out or talk. They sit in their chair eyes wide open glued to the computer moniter with a frantic look on their face. They are in a constant state of “Freak Out” and are pissed that you aren’t in the same stat that they are. Well, I am glad that these people will return to a normal social state once exams are done…the only problem is that they will be gone for Christmas Break, so I won’t be able to enjoy it!

Christmas Time!
I do like Christmas Music…some Christmas Music…old religious songs are good when they are done well…and some versions of classic Holiday tunes done by artists like Stevie Wonder can be quite Refreshing…I would like to go caroling this year…I just need to find a group of people who want to go and can sing in Harmony! I am now accepting aplicants!

One Last Thing
Ah-nuld is truly the greatest Movie star ever to exist, I don’t think they get more rediculous than him.

I will be watching this tomorrow

A “Cool to Own” List

This is not a Christmas List…it is purely a list of items that would be really cool to own…I am happy without them, but would enjoy them thoroughly…someday when I have enough disposable income, I might own them all…

6-String Bass Mountain Dulcimer
Detailed GPS Map of Europe
Marmot Helium Sleeping Bag

Electric Dulcimer
A Really Nice Laptop…I don’t know what kind.
A Vespa Moped
A Good Digital Camera
A Custom tailored Fleece From BeyondFleece.com
A Pocket PC
A Weimaraner

Food, Papers, and Photos

So here is the greatly desired update after a week or more of business and silence.

First let’s talk about food.

I really love Fritos Scoops. The corn chips that make dipping easier…I don’t dip them in anything I just love the taste. Corn chips are the greatly under appreciated little brother in the world of snack chips. the problem with scoops is the size of the bag that they come in…it is a glorified vending machine portion. I need a bag that can fill up my lap and keep sustaining me with salty corn goodness for days. The one main thing that I like about scoops is their ingredients: Corn, Corn Oil, and Salt…that’s it..no wierd preservatives…just the basics…

Pancake & Sausage on a Stick
Raelson brought home Chicken on a stick when he got back form Thanksgiving, I had him beat in no time flat. I came home with Jimmy Dean’s Pancakes ‘N Sausage on a Stick. Basically it is a corn dog without the corn or Dog… now it is sausage and pancake. They are tasty and individually wrapped to fit my busy Schedule. I like breakfasts that are ready in a matter of minutes that I can eat while I’m driving!

I always write my papers the night before they are due. I have tried to get early starts on them, but it never works out. Last night I wrote a 6 page paper on the spectacle of the exaggerated muscluar male body and it’s connection to masculinity in action films of the 1980’s using Commando, Bloodsport, and Roadhouse as case studies. I finished the paper at 7:30 this morning. I sit in my living room (the basement is too cold since We haven’t turned the heat on yet) huddling by the fire researching and typing on my old crappy laptop. I listened to a good 4 hours of music. The problem with writing a paper on my crappy computer is that the disk drive doesn’t work. I have to send myself all my papers over the internet, or course our house doesn’t have internet, so I have to go to Beaner’s coffee shop to connect there (for some reason it won’t connect at school) I guess this works out though because I usually need the dose of caffeine to wake me up after pulling an all nighter. The nice thing about last night was that I didn’t have to be at school until 2 today, so I got time to get in some quality hours of sleep (with my cat sleeping on my bed) before I had to get things turned in. So in conclusion…if you ever want to go out to coffee some morning…come with me after a good session of paper-writing


I have the cutest cousins in the World!

Snow on the day before Thanksgiving

Snow Berries…

and finally, 3 pictures from this big West Michigan news story. to learn more about my specific interaction with this story, go to my brother Joel’s sight where he talks about it.

thank you and have a nice day.