Dissing Your Cat

Every day, I try to insult my cat and lower his self esteem. I yell at him “No body likes you Jerry!” “You’re Ugly!” You don’t have any friends!” “Put on some clothes!” and “Get a Job!” I don’t think this is working though…the amount of love and affection that we give him probably counteracts my insults and just gives him more power over us….oh well what are ya gonna do…

Some Photos!

I am sorry for not posting every day like I dream I could. I have been insanely busy with projects and the like. My hatred for TBN still rages but not in such an obvious way, so let’s move on to more interesting things, and more everyday things.

her are some pictures from my week, I took a bunch of pictures of things in my everyday life to send to my friend in Germany, I think this about sums things up.
The Frozen White Castle Burger has changed my life in Grand Rapids, it pales in comparison to the real thing, but still makes me weak in the knees. When I go home for Thanksgiving, I am going to get a sack of ten and then just have a little party all by myself!

Raelson Wearing a Moustache…and a towel…and no shirt…what a wierd ass…..ok I told him to put on the moustache…

I have pretty much made it a habit of eating a bunch of cheezeballs before bed…and while I’m driving…They are just too darn tasty!!!

Once Little Jerry Seinfeld hears my alarm go off, he starts to whine and knock stuff off the nighstand, then he just stares at me until I sit up…then he runs into the bathroom where his food is. Sometimes I fake that I am not awake and I try to fool him so he won’t bug me…it seldom works. this picture was taken right when I woke up…he is a little wierd ass too.

“Thank you for calling the Sleep Inn, This is Josh speaking how may I help you” I guess I don’t need new shirts, I have a uniform which is that maroon shirt…I wish I got to pick my own clothes…I would be stylin’.

And finally, this is me trying to eat dinner, a Chicken Kiev…This is Jerry also trying to eat dinner…MY Chicken Kiev. This little crap-face of a cat is ravenous!!!

Mr. Leo vs. TBN

So here is an Update about my Battle/hatred with TBN (The Christian television station that broadcasts across the globe)
I now realize that I am not the only one who thinks that these people are doing a disservice to our LORD. There are plenty of people who have been following the wrong things that these people have been doing in the name of Jesus…here are just a few:

* This is an article focusing on the work of Ministrywatch.com It sounds like they are against TBN as much as me! it also mentions some of the outrageous financial practices of the network

* Here is Ministrywatch.com’s information about TBN

* Here is a website telling about the outright heresy and other evil practices of the network (be sure to read some of the stuff in red…it will piss you off that this is how Christianity is represented to the rest of the world)

Zest and TBN

Minty My Ass!
Zest Soap with a hint of Mint is not minty at all…Not that I tasted it, But it doesn’t tingle, it doesn’t feel minty, and it is just a new smell of soap. Don’t be fooled by these elaborate claims…this is not a minty soap, I am dissapointed

So more and more every day I feel compelled to personally bring down TBN I hate the fact that they are Exploiting the name of Jesus for their own financial gain. I just printed off some articles about the corruption of the network and I realize now that I am not the only one who hates what these people are doing!

Green Spaces and Voting

Here is what I have to say after all the hub-bub:

I hope our green spaces stay green
I hope less people die by the hand of America than the last 4 years
I hope that America’s faith in Jesus grows
I hope that more people can support their families
I hope that the sick get the care they need
I hope all children get the education they deserve
I hope that all kinds of people get the rights they deserve.

Don’t take away my places to backpacking!
Keep them as natural as possible!

Politics, Work, and Foreigners

Let’s Not Talk Politics
This is a week when tempers flare and people disagree to an extreme degree. This is Election Week and people are firm in their opinions. I hate even bringing up politics for the sheer fact that it is such a touchy issue. It is either Bush or Kerry…either answer you give can piss off the wrong people. When the topic of who people are going to vote for comes up in conversation…I feel very uncomfortable. I have made a decision, and that is my own personal opinion, I am not trying to press my beliefs upon anyone else. I hate it when people bash George Bush. They call him incompetent, they call him war-hungry, they come up with anything they can to make him look bad and that makes me uncomfortable. I hate it when people bash John Kerry. They call him indecisive, they call him a liar, they say that he is illogical and that makes me mad. When it all comes down to it…It is a monkey with a plate of cookies versus a horse with a bouffant hair doo. I know where I stand on issues, I wont let my hatred for abortion solely determine my vote, I wont let my hatred for the death penalty determine it either. I just want everyone to realize that God knows what he is doing and that I believe that he can do wonderful things through either candidate. God is not a Republican, he is not a Democrat. I know what I want to see happen…but I am ok if you want something else to happen…I just don’t want to debate anything anymore.

Reminisce About Cosby
Does anybody remember The Cosby Show episode where the whole Huxtable family lip syncs to Ray Charles’ “Night Time is the Right Time” and Rudy really gets into singing “BABY!!!…..BABY!!!”    I loved that part….I love The Cosby Show…

“Sleep Inn, This is Josh Speaking, How May I Help You?”
Tomorrow I start my first day of training as a front desk clerk at the Sleep Inn. Like I have stated before, I have to dress up…and I am still not sure how I feel about that. That means that I have to buy some more shirts and ties. It means that I have to keep my clothes wrinkle-free and probably buy an ironing board. I do however get the internal feeling that I am doing something a little bit more important. Getting covered in ranch dressing and mopping floors wasn’t glamorous. I guess it is the power that I have at this new job. I have people coming to me asking me questions and needing me to put them in a room. The front desk is the place where everyone knows to go if there is a problem. I guess that means that I have more responsibility, but I am willing to take it on…I am sick of doing jobs that monkeys could do. Try to get a monkey to answer a phone and look good in a tie!

Germany VS. the USA
I have a German friend…he lives in Germany…not just a guy who is German like I am Dutch. We have been e-mailing for a few months now and we did an interesting experiment…I asked him to ask 5 people who he interacts with on a regular basis what they think of when he says the word “American” I did the same with 5 people here when I said the word “German”. Here is a sampling of our results:
Germans: Bush, war, dreamland, cowboys, long trips by car, no idea about what’s going on in rest of the world, Michael Moore, superficial, hypocritical, Baseball, arrogant, cool slang, megalomania, fat, oil, patriotism, David Hasselhoff (he he), corruption, world power, kindness.
Americans: Chocolate, Hitler, Nazis, wienerschnitzel, War, Cars, The Berlin Wall, lederhosen, Bratwurst.

I was surprised by the responses on both sides. I realize that America is a bigger “cultural exporter” than Germany, but I still found it that Americans see Germans as Nazis wearing Lederhosen, eating bratwurst, drinking beer and driving cool cars. While Germans seem to have a larger perspective on America. They watch American movies, they listen to some American bands, they are bombarded with American products and know what is going on here…They seem to be right on with a lot of their opinions…Americans need some work though…I wish we all knew as much about the rest of the world’s countries as they do about us!