Tired, Cold, Cosby, and Beef

Running On Fumes
I have class from 10:30am to 9:00 pm with only a little break for lunch and dinner. of course a few hours of this time will be spent watching a movie for a class, but nevertheless, I am not in bed sleeping like I should be. I wrote many pages last night. I went to bed at 6:00 am and woke up 3 hours later! I went to Beaners to e-mail the files to myself and picked up a nice White lightning with a shot of raspberry (my favorite) so as I sit here, I am running on caffeine and pure excitement about having that paper and take-home exam done. My belly slowly absorbs this wonderful stew of espresso, milk and sugar and turns it into 100% heart thumping energy!

My house is poorly insulated and leaks an obcene amount of cold air in through every door and window. I took a nap in my bed yesterday with multiple blankets, I was also wearing a sweater and corduroys…I was warm but not hot. A man should not have to wear a sweater to take a nap in his own bed! I typed my papers while lying next to a nice warm fire in our fireplace. it is our only source of heat, since my roomates would rather amputate their toes because of frostbite than turn on the heat and pay a higher gas bill. Speaking of Heat…I watched that movie this weekend…not bad, I love Deniro and Pacino…

“The Coz”
I am wearing this shirt right now

I had it made for me at Cafepress.com…you can be part of the Cosby crew if you want…just click here and order it for yourself. Bill Cosby is an amazing man.

“Where’s The Beef?!”
Today’s beef is with this guy on TCT (the Christian station) who claimed that America is the new chosen land. In short, he claimed that the geographical layout is identical to the layout of the temple. He then used his theory to put America on a higher spiritual pedestal than any other nation….very arrogant.

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