3 Quick Things

Last night, after finding 2.5 geocaches yesterday with my brother, my house, and friends watched Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. These movies are classics…and quite ridiculous. I guess we are watching the Third and final installment, Army of Darkness on Halloween…oooooh

I am having trouble getting in to a class I need for spring semester…Now have to e-mail the prof and ask if he can let me in blah blah blah

Keep It Warm!
I am on the hunt for the best travel mug for coffee and tea. If you have an opinion on this matter, be sure to let me know…I am currently looking at the Thermos Nissan Line of insulated mugs and tumblers! This is a very hard decision…I have been let down too many times!

A Halloween Beef

Oh my Goodness!!! I forgot all about my weekly Beef!

Sirloin Beef
My beef this week is with halloween costumes. I went in to party city the other day to buy this Gilligan costume I had seen advertised. I tried it on and realized that the one in the picture was nothing like the one draped on my body. Now if anyone has the physique of Gilligan, it is me! the shirt was waaay too big, the pants were wierdly silky and thin, and instead of having a zipper, beltloops, or even hemmed legs, they fit more like pajama pants. This crappy costume, which didn’t make me look like bob denver, cost 30 bucks, so at that point I decided to just by the priest cloak and go as that… I am gonna wear glasses and a wig to add to the effect (I am going to a party on saturday where costumes are required) but for halloween itself, I am going to just paint my face all freaky with black and white makeup and then wear all black!

Work, Reading, and a Word

Corporate Deskie
So I have been calling the Holliday Inn multiple times, even stopped by there today…they guy is never around, so I have basically given up hope…I did, However, call 6 other hotels and found that 2 are hiring. The Sleep Inn and the Radisson Hotel. We shall see how this all works out.

Reading Recess
I need to make some more friends that want to go out and do something. This reading recess looks like it is going to be quite boring. I am prepared for advising and am going to an internship seminar tommorrow. Of course the lady in charge of this seminar told me that there were people who are willing to hire now and then keep people into the spring…that would be awesome if I was sure that I should do the internship next semester…and it would have to be a paid internship.

Vapid…That is a good word….i should use that more often…

Nerds, Job, Trip

The Geocaches that My brother and I hid recently have become quite popular…lots of people are finding it and giving us a lot of good feedback. Nerds hiding things in the woods for other nerds to find! you got to love it!

So I am looking for a job….I might just end up at Beaners…but I would like to find a higher paying job. If anyone knows of any openings anywhere… please help!

Let’s Go on a Trip!
Many months ago I dreamed of visiting Peru instead of taking an Interim class, but that never worked out. then I dreamed of Visiting a friend in Germany for that month…that didn’t work out either. I then decided to drive around the country…or at least part of it making stops in Kentucky, Florida, Memphis, and Texas visiting friends, family and backpacking. Well that Idea too is dead in favor of finding a job and working my butt off all January to pay for a big trip to Germany In August when I can backpack and see some really great sights! I guess a month of working is worth a month of backpacking and traveling!


I am now officially unemployed. KCD’s is closing it’s doors this saturday because they were losing 500 dollars a day.  I have to find a new Job…I found an offer at a Holiday Inn Select to work as a desk clerk. I used to do this in the dorms and I see no reason why a male can’t hold these types of jobs. I am good with people and I have experience. I just read a whole big article for my Diversity and Inequality class about the topic of men not being respected in “women’s” jobs It is called the Glass Escalator. Let’s stop calling Male teachers, nurses, stay at home fathers, or even librarians feminine because they choose certain professions.

Tired, Cold, Cosby, and Beef

Running On Fumes
I have class from 10:30am to 9:00 pm with only a little break for lunch and dinner. of course a few hours of this time will be spent watching a movie for a class, but nevertheless, I am not in bed sleeping like I should be. I wrote many pages last night. I went to bed at 6:00 am and woke up 3 hours later! I went to Beaners to e-mail the files to myself and picked up a nice White lightning with a shot of raspberry (my favorite) so as I sit here, I am running on caffeine and pure excitement about having that paper and take-home exam done. My belly slowly absorbs this wonderful stew of espresso, milk and sugar and turns it into 100% heart thumping energy!

My house is poorly insulated and leaks an obcene amount of cold air in through every door and window. I took a nap in my bed yesterday with multiple blankets, I was also wearing a sweater and corduroys…I was warm but not hot. A man should not have to wear a sweater to take a nap in his own bed! I typed my papers while lying next to a nice warm fire in our fireplace. it is our only source of heat, since my roomates would rather amputate their toes because of frostbite than turn on the heat and pay a higher gas bill. Speaking of Heat…I watched that movie this weekend…not bad, I love Deniro and Pacino…

“The Coz”
I am wearing this shirt right now

I had it made for me at Cafepress.com…you can be part of the Cosby crew if you want…just click here and order it for yourself. Bill Cosby is an amazing man.

“Where’s The Beef?!”
Today’s beef is with this guy on TCT (the Christian station) who claimed that America is the new chosen land. In short, he claimed that the geographical layout is identical to the layout of the temple. He then used his theory to put America on a higher spiritual pedestal than any other nation….very arrogant.

Some Thoughts

Bug in My Ear
Sunday afternoon, I went walking in Calvin’s nature preserve and thought a bug flew in my ear. I rubbed my ear and carried on with the rest of my walk. but about an hour later, it felt like something was rustling inside my ear. I didn’t feel it again for a few hours, but when I was trying to sleep later that night, I felt it again. Every time I would flip over to different sides, this thing in my ear would move too. The next morning I tried to clean it out the best I could with a q-tip…that seemed to work. I haven’t felt any rustling since then. So either I cleaned the bug out of my ear, have a dead bug lying in my ear, or there never was any bug in the first place and I just needed a good cleaning.

Why Drive So Far to Meijer
Do you realize that I drive a good 15 minutes out of the way to go to the Meijer on Kraft rather than going to the “ghetto Meijer” by my house. I am not really sure why I do this, but maybe it has to do somethign with the shoes being right next to the Yogurt, the large selection of pom-aid, hair relaxer, and other beauty products carried for people other than myself. Maybe it is because the people sometimes creep me out…but they do make me laugh sometimes. I do know where everything is in the Kraft Meijer…Perhaps I am not able to admit some Issues I have…

“Punch It Margaret”
Sometimes late at night and no one is on the road, when the traffic light is red, I just keep heading right for it like it was green. I try to will it to change. focusing all my energy into that little bulb…..it hasn’t worked yet…but it will someday (don’t worry, I never run the red light)

Donuts for Breakfast?
When did it become acceptable for Donuts to be part of a balanced breakfast? How is cake and frosting a good way to start the day? I realize that French toast covered with a pool of syrup isn’t really better, but it is my favorite. Recently I have been trying to pay attention to the amount of sugar and fat that I eat. I look at nutritional information now…maybe I was inspired by  the movie  Super Size Me, but either way, we need to be more aware of what we are eating, and try to eat better. Eggs, cereal (not the marshmallow ones…even though they are my favorite) and other food items that don’t mess with us…
Important Uninteresting Information
Why is it that when we have conversations with other people and bring up the topic of class schedule, what we had for breakfast, or any other everyday information, we think it is the most interesting and important tidbit of information we have. But when the person who we are talking to takes his/her turn to reciprocate the information, we don’t give a crap.
We get bored and just wait for them to be done. They are saying the same crap that we thought was interesting when we said it, but all of a sudden, since it is coming out of someone elses mouth, it is deathly boring.

Brawney’s New Look
Finally, I would like to address a problem with today’s world…I remember the old days when the man on the paper towels had a big moustache, wavy hair, and a look like he just came out of the Victory Auto Wreckers comercial (a little inside I know….that is for all you Chicago folk)    I am not happy with the New Brawny…I want him to look like he is right out of the 70’s…that is the way I knew him…and that is the way he should stay!

Wedding Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the wedding day. Be sure to note how damn fine I look in my new suit!

My Brother and I…..damn sexy
My Mom was the Hottest out of anyone there….no suit in the world could bring us up to her level


Monday Beef

I don’t know if this will become a regular monday thing, but let’s give it a try. Today my beef is with the people who put stuffed animals in the back windows of their cars. Too often have I seen piles upon piles of Beanie Babies, Teddy Bears, and even troll dolls left to fade in the scorching sun. Who cares if the stuffed animals get faded…I care about everyone who has to look at this crap. It is just ugly, what says “I am still living in the mind of a 8 year old” better than stuffed animals for the world to see….I am sorry if you do this, and if you are a member of my family or a friend who participates in this practice…please stop the insanity!

Work, Music, Wedding, Weeend

That John Tesh is so Prolific!
Every wednesday night when I close the restaurant, The John Tesh radio show plays on WLIT W-Light (or W-Suck, as I refer to it) Every city has their own version of this station. In Chicago it was “Windy 100” They all play the crappy soft rock that plays way too much Phil Collins, Brian Adams (yes that is Brian not Ryan) Of course there are 3 songs that they play constantly. Every time I hear these songs I just smile and grit my teeth just pushing all that fury down inside like some sort of song-hating volcano.
The First Song:
Five for Fighting – “100 Years” the stupid hook of “15 there’s still time” just sounds like some sort of Rhesus monkey squeeking to background music.
The Second Song:
Martina McBride – “This One’s For the Girls” This song is at first catchy, then it is heart warming because it tells encourages girls to gain self confidance, after that wears off, this song is annoying as satan trying to play “it’s a small world after all” on a saw. The songs goes through a number of ages that women go through and encourages them in their lives. At work I enjoy making up my own verses that include lines like this: “this one’s for all the fetus’ about three months” (but then I ran into the problem of their being no rhyme for month) so I moved on to “this one’s for all the girls about 105, living on respirators, just trying to survive. (that one worked a little bit better)
And last but not least…The Third song:
Jefferson Starship – “We Built this City on Rock and Roll” This song was named as the worst song of Rock and Roll by Blender Magazine…Their list was good but I did have some disagreements with it, never the less, This one is BAD! I liked, and still like Jefferson Airplane. I was almost obsessed with them back in high school, but never got into the 80’s spin-offs of the original cast. The Doobie Brothers and Chicago went this route also, exchanging songs like “Rockin’ Down The Highway” for “What a Fool believes” with Michael Mcdonald on lead vocals (The way he sings is just pathetic) Chicago Used to have awesome songs like “25 or 6 to 4” but in the 80’s made crap like “Will You Still Love Me” (another of W-suck’s Favorites) So in conclusion, the 80’s was not kind to classic rock artists, so stop playing the pain
But, back on track with John Tesh
Every night his little “Intelligence For Your Life” segments really entertain me. They provide interesting tidbits of info and make the night go a little bit faster. So I salute you John Tesh, keep making that Soulful brand of contemporary adult piano music and Keep the Tidbits coming!

Blog Fodder
That is what I call it. Blog Fodder. Everyday I look at my life and think “what today is “Blog-Worthy” What will people want to read, and how can I make it interesting.” I don’t know if anything I write about myself is all that intersting but at least it is entertaining to some, like my new Brother and Sister-inlaws!

As my Co-worker Tim has mentioned in the Chatterbox to the right, I do have an admirer at Dots. Dots is an interesting clothes store that is next door to where I work. I made a delivery to a girl that ordered a wrap the other day, and ever since then, she has been “interested” in me. She has asked when I work, and I think my co-workers told her because she came in tonight and tried to make small talk and flirted with me. I gave her the cold shoulder and made her Extreme Peach Smoothie. She Dresses like a girl who wants attention from guys at the bar. Considering that I don’t go to the bar, and am not interested in girls at the bar, or girls who are so damn straight-forward and think that Britney spears is the end-all for fashion, I did not pursue this endeavor. Is it wrong to not even give someone a chance because of things like this? I mean I am pretty sure that our standards, interests, and compatability are pretty far apart just by seeing how she dresses, acts etc. Should I have flirted back and seen how this would have gone?

Weekend Pictures
I didn’t recieve the wedding pictures form my brother, but I did get the downtown ones…so here are a few:

This is a fountain/sculpture in the new Millenium Park Downtown, that is me in front of it, sporting my cool new duds from Express

This is Another Sculpture called Cloud Gate, it is a giant stainless steel thing that is HUGE! It reminded my brother and I  of the movie “Flight of the Navigator”

And another….What a beautiful day!!

The Rest of the Day
We (Me, Joel and Liz) also did a Geocache on navy pier this day. after that We went looking for the place that sold The Apprentice ice cream that was subposedly sold at this store downtown…They said that they can never keep it stocked and that they never know when they will get more, this made us all very sad so we got some coffee drinks at starbucks and went home, just in time to do a Geocache with my new Brother-in-law’s and my new Niece The whole Brady Bunch (minus the parents) ate chili together and a good night was had by all.   Wedding pictures will be coming in a matter of days, so all the lady’s better get a towel to sop up all the drool when they see the pictures of me in my new suit!

That is all for now….I love you!

P.S.  you know you are a nerd when you do a Geocache instead of getting dressed for your mom’s wedding day!