Scandinavia Rocks!

I have been listening to the Kings of Convenience and I like them very much, they are Norwegian. I have found myself liking more and more things from Norway and Denmark. There are some really great movies that come out of Denmark, as well as music. I don’t know what it is but those Scandinavian countries know what’s up!

Other Scandinavian things I like:
Sondre Lerche – Two Way Monologue
Vasen – Whirled
Pelle the Conqueror
The Passion of Joan of Arc
Max Von Sydow – Actor
Kings of Convenience – Riot on an Empty Street

Honorable mentions:
Lars Von Trier – Director
Dogme 95 – Film Movement
“Take On Me” by Ah Ha
My Life as a Dog

that is all I can come up with right now…but I am sure there is more…

TV, Things, and Autumn

“Sit Ubu, Sit…Good Dog”
When I was just a little kid I used think that this dog was the size of a minivan, I guess that my concept of size was really out of whack back then…but cmon…that frisbee looks like it could be a garbage can lid.

The Television Renaissance
I remember being a faithful watcher of Shows like Silver Spoons, Small Wonder, Mr Belvedere (or Broktune for you serious fans) and even the Golden Girls…man that Blanch was one sassy chica! We need more shows that revolve around robotic daughters, ornery old women and male maids like Tony Danza or Mr. Belvedere. Where has all the good programming gone? I guess just miss Alfonso Ribiero dancing like Michael Jackson…

I am aware that my updating frequency has dropped to an all time low..but do not be afraid my faithful Readers…I have changed colors, and changed my outlook on my Blogging life. From now on there will be more hilarity, more insight, and more meaningless drivel…just the way you like it!

In Praise of Autumn
As Fall quickly approaches, I am, with each passing day, becoming more and more excited about the eradication of chlorophyl in exchange for the beautiful autumn colors. Orange, red, yellow, maroon…these are the fun colors, as the temperature becomes colder, the colors warm up. I love Fall…the smell of cinnamon, apple cider, pumpkin pie (I don’t like pumpkin pie…but the smell makes me feel good) There is no better season…Some view autumn as the slow death of all living things around us. I see it as a great time to fall in love, go on a hay ride, chuck cobs of dry corn at one another, and enjoy the variety that is weaved into every living thing in this world. (Seriously guys, there is no better way to win a girl than to nail her in the back of the head with a painted gourd….and there is no better time for that than Autumn.) So Let’s all rejoice in our harvest season and join together to celebrate the beauty of change!

My First Geocache!

Today, I went on a treasure hunt. I typed in the coordinates on my new GPS (thank you Joel for the awesome birthday gift!) Raelson and I went driving around in circles trying to fnid the entrance to this park, but ended up actually parking in a cemetary and walking to the spot by following to the GPS. It was an ammo box with a whole mess of stuff in it. I left a patch and took a eye-ball-ball….It is so much fun…I want to do more!!

Monday, Lunch, Sleepyness

Monday Funday
today is monday…the day when I don’t have to go to work because I have a lot of classes…well actually a lot of class…1 class that meets once a week. we watch a movie then talk about it and film in general for 3 hours until 9:00 I am looking forward to this class because I love movies butI am not looking forward to the fact that my Monday is packed solid with class.

Lunch Break
I am in the science building typing this because the library computers are acting wierd…and because I have been walking around campus for 45 minutes trying to kill time before my next class at 1:30….I have to make “lunch dates” with friends etc….otherwise this is gonna get old fast!!!

Sleepy Mix
I made a mix of all the sleepy songs in my music collection…turns out it is more than 200 songs and fits on a total of 11 cd’s I have 6 burned…just a few more to go now…but it sure is good listening…maybe not the best thing for me to listen to when I am driving…


According to my list of subscribers, I have 39 people who get my daily ramblings sent directly to them. I know there are other people who read my site on a regular basis and aren’t subscribed so that just makes me feel good. Thank you all for loving me and reading my thoughts!

My brother and I went suit shopping again last night and finally found one that fits me…it is a very subtle pinstriped black suit that makes me look nice and dapper.

for the past 2 nights I have eaten ribs…babyback ribs on labor day that I bought pre-cooked from Meijer (really really good, but a bit expensive) and then I marinated spare ribs in apple cider, baked them in tinfoil, and then broiled them with BBQ sauce last night…mmmm but now I am all ribbed out!

Tomorrow is my Birthday…I guess I am going to go out to dinner…and then out for a drink with my brother…Yay 21!…I really don’t see this as that big of a thing except for the fact thatI can actually purchase the stuff. I never really was into drinking as a form of entertainment. I’d rather eat some chicken Kiev, or watch a movie, or hang out with a really cool girl…or maybe all 3 at once!!!

At my friends wedding, I met the brother of my friend’s families exchange student from Germany, we became friends and now we e-mail eachother back and forth learning about American and German difference etc…it is very interesting how different and similar we really are!

Too Thin for Suits

so the suit was a no-go…I am too thin and too tall for there to be any regular suits that fit me…I have to have them adjusted/tailored to fit me…this is proving to be a real pain in the butt…but on the upside I turn 21 on thursday!!!