dulcimers and Movies

So here is a little picture to remember my favorite thing to do…backpacking…and frolicking while backpacking

So I went home this past weekend…mostly for the Gebhart Woods Dulcimer Festival, but I also went home to se my mommy, see her fiance, and to see my buddy Roger and go see Spider Man 2 with him. I loved the movie, the pizza afterwords was good too (one slice was 1/4th a pizza!) all in all good times were had by all except for my wallet…he is feeling a bit empty these days.

In movie news, as I said before I loved Spider Man 2, it was a good blend of action and plot that tears you in half at times. I don’t usually love action movies, I mean I can appreciate Master and commander, or the matrix but to say that they end up being my favorites usuallly never happens. But there is something about Spider Man that makes me love it a lot…Perhaps it is because he has always been my favorite super hero (not too powerful like superman, but not to lame like batman, a perfect blend of human and hero.)

I watched The Butterfly Effect and enjoyed it, it drew me in right away and kept me right there as memories changed. I watched the Theatrical version on the DVD even though the director’s cut was on the other side of the disc. Let’s just say that it is a good thing I did because after finishing the film, I watched the ending to the director’s cut and it Sucked like nothing ever before. Son in conclusion: good movie, very intense, nice story, very well executed and good ending for the theatrical version. (If you disagree with me about the better of two endings please speak up)
3 1/2 out of 5 stars

I also watched Girl with a Pearl Earing starring Scarlet Johansen. I first saw her in The Man who Wasn’t there and have liked her ever since. I also loved her in Lost in Translation. This is a bit of a slow and steady movie. There are no big twists, no action, and a fairly quiet ending. This is a film that is well done (and man oh man does she look like the painting that the whole movie was inspired by, that is cool) but all in all it is nothing to write home about. It is one of those movies that when someone asks how it was you might reply “Yeah, it was good…you know…yeah just good.” In conclusion: I like Scarlet, I like the painting, it’s kinda slow and not very exciting. I’ts good…
2 3/4 out of 5 stars

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