So here it is, the first entry since I got a new job, went to New Mexico, and got the Blockbuster Movie Pass

New Job
I like this place a lot, the managers are really nice and cool. my coworkers are good people to be around, and the product (wraps both cold and on the grill) are really good, the first week they are all I ate. More hours…more money, more smiles on my face

Music Man
As I am sitting here in Beaner’s using their internet, “Seventy Six Trombones” pours down into my ears bring back fond memories of my theatrical peak as professor Harold Hill…oh those were the days, when all I had to worry about was if I was going to be able to say lines a mile a minute.

New Mexico
The drive down was fine…I love driving through the flatlands of the great plains as the sun rises in the rear-view mirror. I don’t even have to think about driving, it just becomes involuntary, like blinking or breathing. all of a sudden 300 miles have passed and you look at the map not even remembering the cities you passed through. The Wedding was fantastic, the whole wedding party sang in 4 part harmony, all the friends and family were a hoot, I got to play background dulcimer durring dinner, and got to perform a song I wrote for the newlyweds the night before. I went hiking on volcanic rock, lava flows, through caves and around a cinder cone. All together the trip was well worth the drive, I am going to miss Andrew and Ruth, they are pretty much the two nicest people I know!

I got the Blockbuster movie pass on wednesday: 25 dollars (7 of Raelsons) for a month full of free movies and no late fees so far I have watched the following:
Kill Bill
Cold Mountain
Scary Movie 3
Secret Window
Master and Commander
The Jerk
Ocean’s Eleven (starring the Rat Pack)
Greatful Dawg (documentary on Davind Grisman and Jerry Garcia)
Monty python’s Meaning of life
Dancer in the Dark

so Far the top 2 are Kill Bill and Master and Commander. we shall see what other great films are to come

The album is in the process of being mixed, soo n enough it will be available for sale

4th of July
Like every other fourth of July for the past 5 years (except for last year when I was hiking on a Glacier) I made my own fireworks, took apart other fireworks for the raw materials and made my own fantastic tube of fun!, pyrotechnics has always been a source of fun for me!

I have decided to go to Colorado at the end of the summer for an extreme backpackign trip up, over and around mountains if I have to go alone, I am willing to do so!

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