Random Things in Life

Ok so While making a delivery today I decided that I want to get paid to drive around and take random pictures of things I see like that odd looking guy with the majorly big glasses driving down Cascade today, or the cool hilly-farm area in Ada. I would post these things on a website, write about them, and then get paid for it basically a corporate sponsored version of Josh’s random observations, both visual and philisophical.

Library Homeless Man Strikes Again!
I would also take a picture of the guy that I have mentioned a bunch of times before…he is now sitting in the “Webcat Coralls” on a crappy stool…this is his way around the password and log-in stuff…still wearing that purple shirt, still printing stuff off like a mad-man, still walking around with his hand in the back of his pants! I really need to get the balls to walk up to this guy and say “We need to talk…Who the heck are you? and what the heck are you doing?”

Train Tracks
In an effort to relieve myself from the everyday boredom of working, coming home, and watching a movie…I decided to walk on the traintracks by my townhouse. I followed them all the way down to Kalamazoo rd. It was quite fun. The sunset was one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen and combined with the fact that it was reflecting off the tracks leading me on a glowing, orange pathway of light into new cool places was a high point. I followed it under behind GRCHS and under Plymouth. the tracks run next to the gold course which I think would be a cool place to lie on a blanket and watch the night sky with a special lady (as long as the sprinklers don’t go on) I found a few dead animals, one being a decapitated racoon. and then ended up in the midst of a graveyard on Kalamazoo…I don’t think the people living there mind the noise too much…the end

In Conclusion: There are too many random things that are funny, confusing, odd, and interesting that go un-noticed and un-mentioned in my life, and I am sure other people’s lives. I just wish I was paid to report my findings

Movie: Donnie Brasco

So Much to Address

The Faux Hawk
Last Friday (not the 23rd but the week before that) After making fun of this hair style, I decided to give it a test run to feel what it is like to drive around and walk around while wearing such a “Trendy Hairstyle” I decided to put on a tight black t-shirt (I assume that that is the accompanying style) and make a trip down 28th street to Petsmart to buy a cat brush and anti-shedding wipes. now I realize that a trip to Petsmart isn’t the most “hip” things to do but I figure that cool trendy people need to shop for their cats too, and the style doesn’t stop with pet-care items. I popped in my most recent trendy/indie purchase into the C.D. player (Keane: Hopes and Fears) and jammed down the road with my windows down and radio blasting. I pulled into the parking lot and drew looks…though it may have been because my music was so loud. I swaggered into petsmart as my faux-hawk sliced through the wind. I then made my way over to the cat section, perused the products and then went to check-out…I don’t think I got any outrageous looks from the cashier, but I bet she was thinking “Damn…that is one sexy doo!” I gave her a smile and then went on my merry way. That is basically the extent of the Faux-Hawk experience…and basically my friday night…..Faux-Hawks, Cat wipes, and a DVD…this is my life folks…as pathetic as it is, I still enjoy it.
fauxhawkfaux hawk
The Pouty lips and eyes are what I think people with Faux-Hawks do with their face. I think it adds to the mystery and cool-ness.

So this past Tuesday I got a call from my buddy Nate asking me to be in his wedding…in 4 days! You see one of his groomsmen fell off a mountain in Germany and was injured pretty bad. I was the understudy. A while back when Nate and I weren’t in such close touch, he informed me of the wedding party he chose and decided that Sol (the now injured) would be a better fit at that time.He told me back then that if anything were to happen to any of his groomsmen that he wanted me to stand up. I am pretty sure (and Nate is too) that he used the phrase “Like if one of my groomsmen fell off the face of the earth.” That is kind of creepy since I would say that a 150 foot fall is kind similar. So I got measured for the tux, layed out the cash, went to the rehersa, canceled my date (since I was now at the head table) and did the whole standing-up thing all over again. It was fun and I am happy for the new couple. All together it was nice to be part of the whole thing now that Nate and I are friends again.

I recieved the second mix of the album and am going through making my criticisms…I think it will take just one more mix and we will have the final thing! Now all I need to do is get all the CD art figured out and then fund the printing!

Cheeze Balls
cheeze balls
I am now convinced that Planter’s Cheeze balls are the perfect food for the car. The can is re-sealable, it fits right between your legs for easy snacking and driving, the wierd chemicals are sure to keep it from spoiling very quickly and they just taste really freaking good!

I work at a place that makes Wrap sandwiches, it is not glamorous nor is it really challenging. I would like a job where my talents and skills can be put to use. But I do have to admit that I do lay down the salami with extreme precision, and can clean a reach-in cooler way better than anyone else. I close the store 3 nights a week two of them being tommorrow and Wednesday. It is usually really slow so I get to put in my own CD’s instead of W-Light AKA W-Suck. You can only hear so many Bryan Adams songs in one day! So I think I am going to bring Othello (the game) to work tommorrow if things get really slow. I encourage all of you readers to come into my current place of employment either tommorrow night or wednesday night…from 5:00 to 8:00 things are nice and slow and kind of boring.

(*Little Known fact* Sometimes I write my name in Mayonaise on the wrap before I add the other ingredients!!!)

Like I said Before, This is my life. It is nothing fantastic just a bunch of random odd things like faux-hawks, cat wipes, injured groomsmen, names in Mayo and lots of movies to pass the time. The key is taking these things and convincing yourself that they are cool!

Additional films watched, in no particular order:
Igby Goes Down
Hollywood Shuffle
Rabbit Proof Fence
Starsky and Hutch
In America
Sweet and Lowdown
Ed Wood

Little Old Lady

I dug around through my old pictures and came up with one of this lady who sits outside the whitehouse, she was the lady in the movie Farenheit 9/11 who talks kinda high and squeeky to the lady whose son died in the war. I took this picture when I was there my Junior year of high school, she has been sitting out there for many years.

white house lady

Faux Hawk?

There is this kid sitting across from me with a faux hawk. when did this style become publicly acceptable. I though it was for boybands and people who are “Too cool for school” I don’t think that this is right. I fought with all my might against that stupid little hair-wave/wall thing that sits atop your forehead when it was in style because it showed the most clear display of ” This is what is supposedly cool, this is what is in style, this is what the tv tells me to do with my hair, I am a mindless robot set on imitating everyone else” I just hope this faux-hawk style doesn’t becomes too popular, we don’t need these kind of things in everyday life.

You can add the The Triplets of Belleville and Life as a House to the July movie list. both were quite fantastic and probable 2 of the top 5 so far.

Creepy Man and Michael Moore

The Hekman Library has taken action that has severly limited the actions of the creepy guy who practically lives in the library (Actually I believe I have found his van in the parking lot full of wrappers and books and also a little sleeping area…so I think he lives there) everyone must now log in with their studen’t ID in order to use the computers…so now he is limited to use the crappy ones to the left that require standing…I still want to know this guy’s story and why he is here every day..if anyone can help me with my query please do so.

I went to go see Farenheit 9/11 last night but I am not going to get into it all because Adam Stout has covered the topic pretty well already. what I will say is that you can take quotes out of context and make them say what you want. You can connect dots on film that couldn’t be connected in real life. But what The film does well is show the impact of war on families, on the soldiers, and civlilians. The atrocities of war are always bad…no war is good. If people have to die at the hands of other people than it is downright wrong. In my opinion there is no just cause for taking the life of another person, but in our country there is such thing as just cause for war…there has been no just cause for Iraq, and there has been some shady things going on within our government. I am not saying that the shady things will disapear by Bush not being re-elected, but hopefully they will be lessened…I’m done

dulcimers and Movies

So here is a little picture to remember my favorite thing to do…backpacking…and frolicking while backpacking

So I went home this past weekend…mostly for the Gebhart Woods Dulcimer Festival, but I also went home to se my mommy, see her fiance, and to see my buddy Roger and go see Spider Man 2 with him. I loved the movie, the pizza afterwords was good too (one slice was 1/4th a pizza!) all in all good times were had by all except for my wallet…he is feeling a bit empty these days.

In movie news, as I said before I loved Spider Man 2, it was a good blend of action and plot that tears you in half at times. I don’t usually love action movies, I mean I can appreciate Master and commander, or the matrix but to say that they end up being my favorites usuallly never happens. But there is something about Spider Man that makes me love it a lot…Perhaps it is because he has always been my favorite super hero (not too powerful like superman, but not to lame like batman, a perfect blend of human and hero.)

I watched The Butterfly Effect and enjoyed it, it drew me in right away and kept me right there as memories changed. I watched the Theatrical version on the DVD even though the director’s cut was on the other side of the disc. Let’s just say that it is a good thing I did because after finishing the film, I watched the ending to the director’s cut and it Sucked like nothing ever before. Son in conclusion: good movie, very intense, nice story, very well executed and good ending for the theatrical version. (If you disagree with me about the better of two endings please speak up)
3 1/2 out of 5 stars

I also watched Girl with a Pearl Earing starring Scarlet Johansen. I first saw her in The Man who Wasn’t there and have liked her ever since. I also loved her in Lost in Translation. This is a bit of a slow and steady movie. There are no big twists, no action, and a fairly quiet ending. This is a film that is well done (and man oh man does she look like the painting that the whole movie was inspired by, that is cool) but all in all it is nothing to write home about. It is one of those movies that when someone asks how it was you might reply “Yeah, it was good…you know…yeah just good.” In conclusion: I like Scarlet, I like the painting, it’s kinda slow and not very exciting. I’ts good…
2 3/4 out of 5 stars

Observations and Movie Reviews

Ok so before I do movie reviews, I think I have to relay some observations on the people around me right now in the library.

to my direct right is the guy who spends copius amounts of time here, the guy with the ratty t-shirtsm the giant belly and the overall creepy-ness.
to my right is this kid (though he may be already graduated) with really wrinkly hands who always wears a shirt that most middle aged men wear golfing, he walks funny too.
I look over the divider behind the moniter to the top half of some random guys face whose eyes are open so big that it looks like he is constantly in a tense scene of a scary movie.

Movie Reviews

Kill Bill Vol 1
This movie kept my attention very well and left me dying to see Vol. 2. The fighting is great (especially the fight with Vivica  A. Fox) it mixes many genres of film to end up with an original film colored with expletives that is a very violent and very bloody mix of action, heart, good plot and suspense.
3 3/4th stars out of 5

Cold Mountain
The fact that Jude Law and Nicole Kidman played the lead’s in a story set in the south during the Civil War really bugged me. I love Jude Law and don’t really care for Nicole Kidman but the fact is that they have accents, british, and Australian. I agree that Renee Zellwegger did an awesome job, but this movie didn’t do it for me… The love between the two main characters didn’t mean crap to me because it wasn’t reinforced early on…so if they ended up together in the end the audience didn’t care… the acting is ok, the story is ok..all together this movie is a “meh” in the world of film.
2 out of 5 stars

Next Time:
Scary movie, Secret Window, and Master and Commander

Other recent additions to the list:
Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 1)
The Butterfly Effect (rented but not watched yet)
Girl with a Pearl Earing (rented but not watched yet)

So here it is, the first entry since I got a new job, went to New Mexico, and got the Blockbuster Movie Pass

New Job
I like this place a lot, the managers are really nice and cool. my coworkers are good people to be around, and the product (wraps both cold and on the grill) are really good, the first week they are all I ate. More hours…more money, more smiles on my face

Music Man
As I am sitting here in Beaner’s using their internet, “Seventy Six Trombones” pours down into my ears bring back fond memories of my theatrical peak as professor Harold Hill…oh those were the days, when all I had to worry about was if I was going to be able to say lines a mile a minute.

New Mexico
The drive down was fine…I love driving through the flatlands of the great plains as the sun rises in the rear-view mirror. I don’t even have to think about driving, it just becomes involuntary, like blinking or breathing. all of a sudden 300 miles have passed and you look at the map not even remembering the cities you passed through. The Wedding was fantastic, the whole wedding party sang in 4 part harmony, all the friends and family were a hoot, I got to play background dulcimer durring dinner, and got to perform a song I wrote for the newlyweds the night before. I went hiking on volcanic rock, lava flows, through caves and around a cinder cone. All together the trip was well worth the drive, I am going to miss Andrew and Ruth, they are pretty much the two nicest people I know!

I got the Blockbuster movie pass on wednesday: 25 dollars (7 of Raelsons) for a month full of free movies and no late fees so far I have watched the following:
Kill Bill
Cold Mountain
Scary Movie 3
Secret Window
Master and Commander
The Jerk
Ocean’s Eleven (starring the Rat Pack)
Greatful Dawg (documentary on Davind Grisman and Jerry Garcia)
Monty python’s Meaning of life
Dancer in the Dark

so Far the top 2 are Kill Bill and Master and Commander. we shall see what other great films are to come

The album is in the process of being mixed, soo n enough it will be available for sale

4th of July
Like every other fourth of July for the past 5 years (except for last year when I was hiking on a Glacier) I made my own fireworks, took apart other fireworks for the raw materials and made my own fantastic tube of fun!, pyrotechnics has always been a source of fun for me!

I have decided to go to Colorado at the end of the summer for an extreme backpackign trip up, over and around mountains if I have to go alone, I am willing to do so!