The Guy, and Beans

The man in the purple shirt and big belly is standing to my left, about 15 feet away…he just let a big fart rip without a care!!! Dang that guy and his same shirt, van/home, farting, hand in his pants, and overall creepiness…on top of that, as I walk into the Library today, a kid that I only know as “Sandwich Boy” is sitting at one of the computers with no shirt on!…This is a Library not a freaking swimming pool! (his name comes from the fact that he made sandwiches in commons my freshman year and when asked what kind of cheese that was he replied “Spiced cheese” um sorry champ but there is no such thing as spiced cheese…check again and accept the moniker of “Sandwich Boy”)

When I got home from work yesterday I looked at my mutant bean plant growing out of control in front of my house and realized that there were a bunch of little baby beans starting to grow…I was so excited since this mutant plant has many blossoms and thus will have many beans…upon further inspection I found 3 beans worthy of harvest and consumption…I ate them and enjoyed them thoroughly. My first harvest! I feel like a farmer…a victory farmer…or at least like my grandpa…he has a garden and grows beans too. But the Clincher in the whole story is the fact that as I was inspecting my beans my next door neighbor (The hermits) came out of his house and while walking down the sidewalk (mind you it is a mere 10 feet away from my door) lets a fart rip like nothing happened…what is with these fat men breaking wind in my presence!?

Ok well I am going to go home and watch Frailty…I watched Hellboy last night…it was crappy in a good kind of way…

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