The Guy, and Beans

The man in the purple shirt and big belly is standing to my left, about 15 feet away…he just let a big fart rip without a care!!! Dang that guy and his same shirt, van/home, farting, hand in his pants, and overall creepiness…on top of that, as I walk into the Library today, a kid that I only know as “Sandwich Boy” is sitting at one of the computers with no shirt on!…This is a Library not a freaking swimming pool! (his name comes from the fact that he made sandwiches in commons my freshman year and when asked what kind of cheese that was he replied “Spiced cheese” um sorry champ but there is no such thing as spiced cheese…check again and accept the moniker of “Sandwich Boy”)

When I got home from work yesterday I looked at my mutant bean plant growing out of control in front of my house and realized that there were a bunch of little baby beans starting to grow…I was so excited since this mutant plant has many blossoms and thus will have many beans…upon further inspection I found 3 beans worthy of harvest and consumption…I ate them and enjoyed them thoroughly. My first harvest! I feel like a farmer…a victory farmer…or at least like my grandpa…he has a garden and grows beans too. But the Clincher in the whole story is the fact that as I was inspecting my beans my next door neighbor (The hermits) came out of his house and while walking down the sidewalk (mind you it is a mere 10 feet away from my door) lets a fart rip like nothing happened…what is with these fat men breaking wind in my presence!?

Ok well I am going to go home and watch Frailty…I watched Hellboy last night…it was crappy in a good kind of way…


Guess who has to wear a tie to work every day from now on…ME!!! I have always said to myself…”I never want a job where I have to wear a tie” But I guess I am warming up to the idea…as long as I never have a job like in Office Space. I will be working at The Sleep Inn as a Front Desk Clerk. I start on Tuesday at 7:00 am….I might have to work some 11pm-7am shifts every once in a while…but I can deal with it as long as I can sleep until class at 1:30. I wonder if I get any benefits…like use of the pool or lower hotel rates…hmmmm

Work Ends and Begins

So I went to my new place of employment yesterday, holy they crap they have the largest selection of wraps that I have ever seen (42 to be exact, and that’s not counting the breakfast wraps and other stuff they make) The food is really freaking good and the people are really really nice. I am happy to be an employee! My friend Nate applied for the assistant manager position that I turned down, I hope he get’s it.

Last Day
Today was my last day at Beaner’s. I don’t think the manager liked me very much… I guess I was just too cool for her. She didn’t really seem to care that I was leaving, even though I have worked there for 6 months. She claims that I havent been able to make friends with many of the customers, but that is a complete lie…I even have random middle-aged people coming to visit me at my new job once I start. I am involved in these people’s lives and I love it. That was probably my favorite part of the job, the people. not my fellow-employees, though some were pretty cool. It is all the regulars who don’t even order any more, they just make conversation while I make their drink that I have memorized. It is the people who ask me questions about my life, offer me part-time work, and laugh at my witty remarks. I am a people person and that is why I like Beaner’s….that and the free latte’s.

Job, Trip, Album

The sadness is over. In a matter of days (6 to be exact) I will be an employee of KCD’s Wraps & Wings. They are a lunch place that is in the target stripmall on 28th street, near East Paris ave. I saw their ad on Calvin’s Website and then called, they were looking for an assistant manager and other general employees. I called and asked what the wages were and they said 7-7.50 and hour, so I ran over there and filled out an application, asked to talk to the manager and interviewed right then. I was thinking that I could work at beaners and this place both part time in order to have a full-time day…but this place offered me full time and more pay, so I jumped on it! The owner even asked if I wanted to do the assistant manager position. I Turned it down, since I was only gonna be able to work a few hours a day in the fall once school starts. But nowI have financial security and can actually buy groceries and the like.

This wednesday night I leave for New Mexico. It is a very long drive…about 24 hours or more. Noah Kruis, Denise Thompson, and I are going down for Andrew Ippel’s Wedding. The two I am driving with live down there, and I am glad to join them for the journey. I am looking forward to the wedding, and a day of hiking on Friday! I will be back on Monday afternoon.

Greenfield Longing’s (my trio of a band) first and last album is in the final stages of mixing and mastering. The recording went well, and we are looking forward to releasing our tunes to the world. It is always fun to colaborate with people on music. Other talented musicians can bring a lot of awesome-ness to the songs you write. Andrew always amazed me with the piano parts he would come up with to my songs, and John adds that much-needed backbone of rythm and beat, with an extra little flare.


Oh yeah…Dynamite reschuduled me again!…first time was excusable…the second time…not so cool, I think I should get a discount…but THIRD TIME!!! this is just a piece of crap establishment. if they can’t keep a single appointment then I should not be paying for my rescheduled time!…why make an appointment?! AAAHHH!

Passion, Talent, Checkbook

The wonderful world of eployment is not so wonderful right now. The steak place that needed cooks, doesn’t need unexperienced me! They said that they would start at 8.50 an hour!!! that is amazing! But no…I guess I am not supposed to have financial security!

I applied at the fishbone grill opening soon on East Paris…about 7 people came in for applications while I was filling mine out…why the heck would they hire me when for every one of me there are 10 others with experience…

I called Arnies, and Great lakes Shpping Company (another restaraunt) and neither were hiring. I asked at Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus…another no-go there. I have applied at coffee shops, places where I would watch kids, restaraunts, backpacking stores, what do I have left!? Places like barnes and noble are magnets for people applying, so it is useless for me to even try. I don’t want to do jobs that could be done by a monkey (lawn mowing, stockboy, plate-scrubber) I am sick of these menial jobs that consist of someone telling me a task to do, me doing it, and then repeating…I want to be part of a team, I want input, I want to put my knowledge and skills to use! I want my passion, my talent, and my checkbook to come together and form some sort of superpower that can never be destroyed!

Fitness, Money, Motivation

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Just My Luck
Boredom has hit me like a baseball in the back of the head. I did pretty much nothing today because Dynamite Recording Studio canceled on me again (I don’t think I will work with them again…even if it is cheap. the guy said he was sick and rescheduled me again….I should not pay them their full fees If I have to deal with this crap.

Physically fit
I feel tired but got have no right to it. I think a lack of activity just leads to more lack. I still have no idea how people motivate themselves to go run, or lift weights. If I started running, I would make it a few blocks and then end up walking. Do not be pursuaded into thinking that since I am skinny, that I am physically fit. Sure I can hike for miles upon miles with lots of weight on my back for days and not feel any negative effects from it. But when it comes to cardiovascular of muscular ability, I am pretty much the bottom of the barrel. I want my own personal trainer to make up a regiment of excercises that are specifically tailored to me and my desire to be able to hike faster, longer, carry more weight and look good while doing it. They could shout encouragement at me as I worked my leg-oids, and my tri-ceritops. I would pay them in thankfulness and that is all. I don’t feel comfortable going to the gym alone and being around people who actually know what they are doing. I don’t need to be able to bench a bunch of weight to feel good. I just want to be able to carry a 90lb pack and hike up a mountain with it. I just need a buddy who will help me and not make me feel like a loser in the process.

Money Makes the World go Round
Waiting on jobs sucks, I really hope I get called…I want this cooking position really bad! I also want to be able to have some cash in my bank account. It is not a good sign when your car’s “Service Engine Soon” light blinks on and you avoid bringing it in because you might not be able to lose the cash. Of course the only way to make more cash is to get to work in a functioning vehicle. Oh the bitter cycle of money and need. One of my coworkers at Beaner’s tried to convince me that money leads to happiness. I only gave in that it leads to financial security not happiness. Sure I would love to not have to worry about covering expenses and be able to buy what I want. But that doesn’t mean that my relationships are going to be great, that my self esteem will be improved or that even having all the things I want is good! I would rather be poor and satisfied than rich and full of worry.

Activity Avoided
I am also convinced that it takes a lot of energy for people to break out of their habits and start something new. I am an example as is most everyone I know. Be it from fear, unwillingness to put forth extra energy, or just being oblivious, people don’t try new things. I thought to my self today, “Why hasn’t anyone called me yet this summer to hang out?” my only response was that they were unwilling to change their routine. and I fell into the same category as all the people that I am disgruntled about. I wake up, go to school and check my e-mail maybe apply for a job, maybe work at Beaners, but don’t call anyone because I might get turned down, I don’t really want to go look up their number, I might just watch a movie, etc, etc. But the problem is that I would rather sit and pout about not having anything to do, watching Ellen and eating mini-corn-dogs on my couch that still smells a bit like cat urine while my own cat attempts to eat off my plate, than see what someone else is doing today. I also fall into this whole self-deprecating thought process that looks something like this: “Why would they want to hang out with me anyway…they probably have better things to do than sit around with me, aww heck I am better off sitting her alone anyway.” So I sort through every issue of backpacker magazine that I have recieved for the past 4 years, separating out every interesting or useful article and grouping them by topic. I carve a walking stick, or try to write songs. I avoid human contact but want it all the more.

It all comes back down to motivation, motivation to start running, call that friend you haven’t talked to in a really long time, meet new people. My biggest problem in all aspects of my life is that I lack the knowledge on how to get motivated. I am torn in two, one side says I should better myself and get motivated, the other is just a lazy ass that usually wins out. I want to eliminate the conflicting forces within me and form them into a being that wants to make others happy, better myself, improve my relationships here on earth as well up above. How does one silence the idle side and embrace the active?

Steak, Lake, Man

Steak and Employment
I went into Chicago Prime (Formerly Mountain Jack’s) and asked if they were hiring for wait staff…the girl said no, but they needed cooks. I decided that with my cooking experience (though it may only me in my home kitchen, I whip up some pretty fancy stuff) I could handle the job, and applied. I met with the head cook and he said that they would call and probably set up an interview…I just hope that it wasn’t one of those things like “Oh yeah we’ll give you a call…*wink, *wink…” I would love to be a cook and get to know recipes and try them out at home, be able to cook better meals for my friends and family and also be able to get paid for somehting that mey end up being kinda fun! They seemed like very nice people who took their job seriously, and that is kind of refreshing, I have seen too many places that don’t give a crap about who they hire, or what they serve!

Cool Lake Breezes
I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s cottage in Grand Haven yesterday, saw most of my family and had a nice dinner, My cousin’s kids are really cute. They have an adopted son from Guatemala who has the biggest eyes and the cutest big cheeks (not fat, just big cheeks) We took a nice walk down the pier and then I went home…all together, a great day

Unknown Man
Does anybody know any information on te guy who is always in the Hekman Library computer area…kind of older…big belly, usually a purple shirt, pens in his shirt pocket…always printing stuff off, and there for hours…I want to know this guy’s story!

Cracked, Encore

Cracked Ah-nuld!
So I am pissed because Pumping iron was sent to me via Blockbuster’s new mail-movie service and it was cracked…So I couldn’t watch it. I am having it re-sent to me because this film is not to be missed by true fans of Ah-nuld. I am second in command when it comes to the love of this crazy Austrian Brute…Tom is my superior.

I love the smell of oranges being peeled…and tangerines…basically I love the general smell of Citrus

The Obligatory Encore
This is a phenomenon that is not new, after a concert the audience stands and claps, and after about 40 seconds the band, who has been standing right off stage in the dark comes back as though they were convinced to return. I have been to concerts where the audience has given a half-assed attempt at applause and the band still comes out. I felt as though we as an audience didn’t deserve it. I still feel like a dork for clapping before an encore as if my applause has anything to do with the outcome. The image of the all-powerful band or artist just standing a fe feet off stage in the dark looking at his watch waiting for just the right amount of time to pass before it is ok to come back out is a little wierd. I guess these fake encores really eliminate or cheapen a genuine encore. How do we let artists know that we really thought they were great and that we as an audience need more music when even the crappiest artists and crappiest concerts get encore applause. The major problem here is that without this obligatory encore, we as an audience feel cheated, as though a God-given right has been denied to us. I am pushing for a movement to stop this rediculous display that both we as an audience and the artists participate in. I am saying if the concert didn’t kick butt, dont clap for 10 minutes after the show. and I am saying to the artists, if the applause isn’t as loud as all get-out don’t come back. If you can’t hear the cheers in the green room, then you don’t have to come out. If the people won’t go home until security pushes them out and the only way to calm them down is with more music…then YES DO THE ENCORE! but let’s not kid ourselves…don’t wait in the wings staring at your watches, and let’s not clap if we don’t care if we get more…End the obligatory encore.


Did you know That!?
Today really sucked!

Musical Strife!
Last night Andrew Ippel, John Dawe, and had our final practice. I watched mystic river into the night and then slept in the basement because it is cool down there. Since we dont have the air on, it is a nice refuge, I even woke up cold! well I woke up to the sound of my cell-phone going off, it was Dynamite sound recording studio saying that they were going to have to cancel our recording for today because their computer crashed…now this would be no problem if it werent for the fact thant Andrew leaves for New Mexico in 1 week, and John is leaving for Europe to be a Jesuit in July sometime. So now I have to figure out rescheduling, etc…it is a pain in the butt! Especially when your whould mindset for the day is recording, the night before you sike yourself up for it, early in the morning you can’t get you mind off it, and then even when it get’s canceled you can’t focus on anyhting else!

Job Strife!
I was so happy to see the little advertisement about a summer job working with kids full time and that the requirements dealing with the outdoors and camping fit me perfectly. I e-mailed the lady in charge (I had to do some searching on the internet, there was no telephone number or e-mail address on the advertisment) I explained my experience and my interest in the position, and sent it on it’s way. I thought…maybe God didn’t want me to have that YMCa job, or the job at Schuil because I was supposed to do this instead, something that was perfect for me. Well after going to Calvin to tell Andrew that we werent going to the studio today, I checked my e-mail and found a reply from the woman that wrote “You sound like a great candidate but unfortunately you are too late. The deadline was June 4, 2004 at 4:30 P.M.  I am very sorry.” Well if that doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what does…

Feline Strife!
I had a bad day, but that happens, I thought maybe I would cook up a nice piece of steak that was leftover from the little shindig that we had when Bryan was home. I made up a nice marinade and cooked it just right, sat it on my plate and sat down to a nice lunch. I started to cut off a bite-sized piece as my cat whined for a taste, Raelson walked up and laughed…then all of a sudden Little Jerry Seinfeld jumped up on my lap, and as I was in the process of putting my steak-knife in my other hand so I could lift him off and throw him to Raelson, he took a giant bite of the steak and wouldn’t let go! I picked him up but the steak was dripping delicious sauce, so I threw him into the kitchen (to save the carpet form stains) and made a lunge. Realson got to him first and then swung him back and forth as he groaned and hissed. the steak flew out of his mouth and hit the refridgerator door. Raelson, holding the cat, ran around the table as I chased him with the intent of causing pain to that little hungry eyed monster with whiskers coated in yummy-ness. Raelson ran upstairs with me on his heels, locked himself and the cat in the bathroom and wouldn’t let me in until I calmed down. Once I was allowed in, I screamed at the cat so loud that he got really freaked out…I think he could understand the swears and anger that I released.

Financial Strife!
Well I was going to see the new Harry Potter movie with Raelson and Joel Fisher to take my mind off things. WellI took a little nap, then was informed that the movie was going to be 12 dollars, since it was on IMAX and out student discount wouldn’t apply. I will not pay 12 dollars to see movie…I could rent 6 movies for that price…they wouldnt budge to see the non-IMAX version, so I didn’t go. On top of that, I have little money in my back account because what I thought was just a deposit for a tuxedo, I guess was a fee, or something went wrong…I have to call the freakign tux place and ask them if there was a mistake because as far as I can remember, they said that they would tear up the little charge-card reciept-dealy when the tux was returned…here’s to losing close to a hundred dollars!

I have not recieved any offers to hang out at all this summer except from my roomates. Please call me and relieve me from my boredom, my feelings of unwantedness, and my pissed off mood right now. In addition to that I really need a full-time job and am having a really hard time finding one…please help me make some cash so I can finish out my studies at Calvin College. I am gladly accepting contact from please do so!