Monthly Archives: May 2004

Mr. Leo’s Neighborhood

Mr. Leo’s Neighborhood I live in Regency park, it is a quiet apartment complex full of interesting folks. I live in a townhouse that has 3 beautiful floors and a newly planted flowergarden. But you already know plenty about me…let’s learn about the people who live around me, in my Neighborhood Smoker Couple Our next […]

No Job but Flowers

$$$$? The YMCA Called me this morning at 9:00 after I tried to get a hold of them multiple times yesterday. They said they decided to have someone else fill the position…Josh Leo will not be working at the YMCA this summer…I thought my interview went really well last week. They were looking for very […]

Saliva and Job

Did You Know That!? The mouth produces a quart of saliva a day. That reminds me of a time when I was a kid and I decided that it would be fun to fill an entire cup with my own spit…I had no other plans for the spit, just to have a full cup of […]

Wating on YMCA and Plants

Just waiting to hear back from the YMCA and on grades… I planted my flower garden this weekend, have a lot more work around the house to finish…mostly cleaning and weeding…if anyone is in GR for the summer that I don’t know about, please let me know and we can hang out!


so it turns out that it is thursday and I forgot the random fact of the week…well instead of trying to do it a day late and break all the rules that hold this “blog” together I will make this a fluke thursday entry of madness: When the chainsaw parrot wings it’s wicked beak towards […]

Art, Rant, Politics

Art I have begun the long-postponed Labor of love that is Art. I made a box in sculpture and printmaking class my senior year of highschool  ihave it on my mantle right now. it has a picture of Thoreau on the back, swigs jutting out in all directions and quotes all around. I went to […]

Job Well Done

I seriously want someone outside every classroom that I take an exam in to be there to give me a big high five and hug when I am done…inside I am rejoicing and jumping around that it is all done, that I finished that beast of a test, but all I get is an empty […]

Exams and YMCA

First exam: soon approaches, not even an hour until my wrist starts to ache from the extensive essaying. I turned in an application to the YMCA on wednesday, I turned it in to the girl at the front desk, and was a bit apprehensive about not giving it to the person who was meant […]

In a Jiffy

Did You Know That! A jiffy is an actual unit of time. It is 1/100 of a second. So when someone says that they will “be back in a jiffy” you can scream at them “Bull Crap!” there is no way, unless they don’t actually even leave that they will be back in a jiffy. […]


Peru Upon further research, I have decided to go to peru and hike all around there making a visit to Machu Picchu and other cool incan things, the large city of Lima has hostels and is located near a lot of things and offers ways to get around Peru. The weather will be good in […]