Newton, Mormons, Etc.

Did You Know That?!
Isaac Newton’s only recorded utterance while he was a member of Parliament was a request to open the window

I think that that is freaking hilarious…one of the most brilliant men in history only spoke up to say that he was a bit warm and would like to cool off….no profound thoughts..just “hey open that window, it’s freakin’ hot in here” I am glad that Newton wasn’t a complete know-it-all. I think that more “intelligent people” need to take a lesson…if your smart you don’t have to talk like a freaking scientist 24/7 no one likes to be around people who constantly talk down to everyone around them. Just sit back, relax and speak up if your too hot.

“The Mormon’s are Coming…The Mormons are Coming”
That is right kids…some nice young Mormon gentlemen stopped my by house to talk about their beliefs and drop off a Book of Mormon that I requested while in Salt Lake City, UT. I did some research before they came, so they didn’t really tell me anyhting new, but it sure is interesting seeing how they minister and spread their “gospel” I think that talking to people who hold extremely different beliefs than you can really help you learn more about your own beliefs and value them a lot more.

The backpacking trip did go well and the whole story is fully documented on my brother’s blog

Papers Suck
I have to write one historical paper on a either a foreign film, director or actor…I think I am going to go for director…maybe Carl Theodore Dreyer. the other paper is a critique of a media artifact (movie, album, event, t.v. show, etc) I think I am going to do a movie…something really good…my current idea is Kramer vs Kramer

Working Humans
I would now like to say that if you ever become a manager of any sort of business…please treat your employees as equals, as human beings, as people with needs and lives outside of work…for more information please contact me.

Backpacking Brother

Cha Cha Cha…

I went backpacking with my brother, I bet his legs are really sore…mine arent..but hey I have done it before…he did really well and I would like to go with him again…maybe he will send me some pictures sometime so i can post them!

I am kind of bored..I have two papers due in exactly one week, and that is kind of lame….I think Schuil coffee is going to hire me. I think that I am gonna go eat something

I got to plant some flowers soon…but this freaking weather is still capable of freezing the little things…that would suck!

Hearing, Norah, Shirt, Jobs

Hearing is a Wonderful Thing
The ear steadily improved as I wrote that last blog entry, and is completely fine now…who knows what was up with it. I actually did consider while lying in bed yesterday with both ears plugged what I would do if God wanted me to be deaf from here on out….I probably couldn’t make any more music, or listen to it which for me would be absolutely horrible. But I decided that I would rather be deaf than blind, otherwise I couldn’t drive, backpack, watch movies, watch TV, see friends or function in society. We have a lot of things for the deaf…but the blind are a lot harder to cater to. So if I am to be one…I choose deafness.

Ravi and Norah
Did you know that Norah Jones is the daughter of famous Indian sitarist Ravi Shankar, sure he was a bad father and kind of deserted her but she says she  “Doesn’t resent him.” Bollywood (Indian Cinema) is planning a movie loosely based on their story and they are pissed… I just think that it is interesting that she never mentions the fact that she is Indian, let alone daughter of one of the most famous Indians period. I also don’t understand why she is getting all this credit now…she sings stuff that people have been doing for quite a long time, it’s called Jazz…it just so happens that she has a pretty face and a wierd little breathy voice. She is not great songwriter, she is not an EXCEPTIONAL pianist, her voice is unique but nothing amazing. Sure I enjoy listening to her albums in the right setting (preferably background music at a party or other social gathering) I am glad my mom has the cd (even though it is burned…tisk tisk mommy and Mrs Kwas!) I just don’t think that Norah Jones deserves all that she gets, you want really vocal prowess in a slow soft fashion? Listen to Rosie Thomas

“Hey!, That’s My Shirt!
I saw a guy at the Rosie Thomas concert wearing the army shirt that I lost my freshman year…he used to by my friend Nate’s roomate…I think I am going to try to get it back….we shall see how things go.

I got called back to interview at Schuil Coffee Saturday morning at 9:30…I think I will get it…I’m a Latte Machine!

Ears, Coffee, Backpacking

Ow My Freakin’ Ears”
Ok so I go to work this morning, I feel fine…but then my left ear starts to ring just a little bit, then get a little stuffy…but it’s not too bad so i ignore it. I take a nap when I get home and when I wake up, both ears are really really plugged, I put warm water in both and then swabbed them out, well the right ear unclogged and is hearing fine…I have no Idea what is wrong with the left. I I cleaned that baby out so well, and it is still ringing and clogged. I go to health services and they don’t have any openings…they ask if it is really important that i see someone….I say “Well I guess I have another ear to hear out of…” so I made an apointment for tomorrow because I am not going to go to some random GR health place and pay big bucks to have someone say…”Meh, just give it a few days and you will be fine” so here I sit with one ringing ear and one fine one…I am going to a concert tonight and I won’t be able to hear it all that well…that sucks!….I hope I didnt tear an ear drum or something…I did notice that the Q-tip did go in a bit far…..but it’s not like i forced it…It was damaged before I started prodding in there!

I applied at Schuil Coffee yesterday, they do a lot of wholesale coffee but also have a retail shop that sells beans and latte’s and the like…I asked if it was alright to work at 2 coffee shops at the same time..both Beaner’s and Schuil said it was alright…I just hope they call me back…I need another job for this summer…and c’mon they don’t even have to teach me how to make coffee drinks!

Backpacking Brother
I am taking my brother on his first official backpacking trip. (you can’t count the trip to South Manitou Island for Pioneer Camp) We are going to Nordhouse dunes on saturday and sunday…it is supposed to rain on sunday, but hey, that has never posed a problem for me yet….


Went to go get advised for scheduling tommorow (yeah I have an 8:00 registering time but will be at work then…maybe i can use the computer in the office at beaners to register?…) anyway, i went in confused, and came out confused, my advisor is great it is the system that screwed with both our heads!

Did You Know That!?
The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

I remember when I was a little kid and I would never tie my shoes (I dont even have shoes with laces anymore, aside from my hiking boots) but I would always step on those plastic things on my shoe laces so my mom would use scotch tape to fix them, they never were as good…but hey that is what ya get for usign tape! I am glad those things have a name, the question is why does nobody know it…we always call them “those things on the end of your shoe laces” that is just lame…we need to call things by their propper names…Starting with Aglets and secondly Sher-BET…not Sher-burt….it is spelled sherbet…no body says “rab-ert rather than rabbit!

I have a day off from school tomorrow!!! yay!!!!

3 Films

I watched three movies this week, two were very good, one, I did not like.

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
This film is a major classic and was just released on DVD, I loved everything about it, the characters were captivating, the plot was great, and the acting was superb. I really liked this movie, you really feel for the Joads and their desperate plight. this film has a message but doesn’t shove it down your throat like many others do, it is almost like a logical conclusion rather than a forced one. the film was made by people who lived through these times, and that is clear, they have a deep understanding of this material, somethign that I only wish I could fully understan. go rent this and you will not be dissapointed

Northfork (2003)
This movie has some really beautiful shots, frames worthy of framing. the bleakness of the concept is clearly emphasized by the grey overtones of the film, however whatever this film is trying to say is lost in it’s confusing, boring, disconnected, nonsensical style. This review does a good job of stating how I feel. If you would like to see some really pretty pictures and sacrifice your brain to a plot that had potential but wasted it by making it a confusing mess of suck, then rent this film.

The House of Sand and Fog (2003)
this was a really good movie, the actors in this film play their characters perfectly. This is no cut and dry good vs. evil (with the exception of the bad deputy) in this film, just two bad situations that end up even worse. I loved this movie, I reccomend it to everyone, but if you don’t want to be really depressed after it, then don’t rent it. This movie is so disheartening and draining that it could make your wedding day a bad day…I loved it, I wish there was some sort of hope in the whole situation but not every movie can have a happy ending…or even a hopeful ending.

In conclusion, I love movies…some can be great, some can really suck! and some can really suck and be really great (case in point Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando, so freaking bad/rediculous, you have to love it. well pretty much many Ah-nold movies are this way…)

Flower Petals Like Rain

I had a somewhat boring weekend, but we shall see how things go after this entry…there is still night lift to kill…i recorded in the calvin studio last night, just a few things for my friend at U of I to listen to and write lyrics for, but hey it was kinda fun…Bryan called me today, and that was very nice…I do miss him

well…i am gonna go home I think…probably just go to bed…no enjoyable time-murdering in store really….i try to convince myeslf that i will do something fun one of these days…I am going backpacking with my brother next weekend, his first “real” time going…i can finally tell him what to do and show him how to do things rather than take all the older-brother “advice”

goodnight, talk to ya tomorrow, sleep well and have peaceful dreams of big fields of green grass with flower petals falling like rain from the sky!

Feet Shufflers

I hate it when people shuffle their feet when they walk, I walk around campus and hear shhhh…shhhh….shhhh….shhhh I can’t stand it. “Just pick up your damn feet a little higher and step like you are supposed to!”

3 exceptions for the feet-shufflers:
1. If you have pulled and all-nighter and are waay too tired to function normally
2. if you are very, very old and have used up all the energy that god has allowed you for your lifetime
3. if you are a zombie, cmon the undead have a right to shuffle!

BB Open Mic

Open Mic Night in Boer Bennink! Tonight! 8:00 p.m.
I will be playing around 8:30
and performing some new songs…including one that isn’t finished yet about my cat!

Be there!!!!


I could bore you with stories about my cat and how he stole the fishfood from the basement and spilled it all over my bedroom floor at 2:30 the other night…or I could be nice and not be that loser always talking about his cat…I choose the latter:

Did You Know That!?
The average American consumes enough caffeine in one year to kill a horse

Being a Barista at a coffee shop, this fact doesn’t really surprise me very much. there are people who come in every day and get cups of coffee with espresso in them, latte’s with 4 shots of espresso, and some that come more than once a day. The question is..why a horse and not any other animal…or why caffeine an not other chemicals. Either way, this whole coffee obsession that America has is putting money in my pocket, so keep killing horses and keep putting tips in my jar!