Coconut Blood

I am so glad that everyone loved my spring break pictures, Thanks for all the comments!…that is extreme sarcasm. I will now carry on with my random fact and commentary.

Did You Know That!?
Milk from young coconuts was successfully used as blood plasma during World War II.

It is comforting to know that if I ever need plasma and for some reasong the blood bank is out, I can always go to the local grocery store, buy some coconuts and let the milk flow into my veins. That is so freaking odd! I can just hear it…
Doctor: “scalpel”
Assistant: “scalpel”
Doctor: “clamp”
Assistant: “clamp”
Doctor: “plasma…
Assistant: “um bob we’re all out”
Doctor: “What do you mean we’re all out, this is a hospital, and we need plasma…STAT!…aww hell…grab that coconut there and stick a syringe in it!”
The procedure goes on as planned and the coconut saves the day!

Utah Trip Photos

These are select pictures from spring break…I have 5 1/2 rolls developed and will be more than willing to show you them if you so desire to come over and see!

This is a very quiet road in the desert of Utah, when a car passed it sounded like a jet engine….it was silent.

This is Metate arch, it is somewhat small but quite fun, it is located in devil’s garden in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

This is the canyon we hiked through. This is a view from the “Bench” (the top of the canyon walls) you can see how the canyon winds like a snake through the rock

here is a little slot canyon/waterfall area, very cool log in the middle of the water

We found some nice grass to lie down on, so we did and looked up at the towering canyon walls.

Here is my favorite picture of the trip: a nice waterfall.

this is the big famous waterfall of the canyon that we camped right next to one night.

it was a hot day, so we decided to take a quick shower…it was a little waterfall pocket with water pouring all around you so hard that you couldn’t even breathe.

here I am wading in the Escalante river (feeds right into Lake Powel) with Steven’s Arch right above me

I found a really large amount of really thick mud next to the river, so I caked myself in it, my hair was like a mud helmet.

Here I am in my first Slot Canyon…what an experience! it was so tight, I had to walk sideways and squeeze between the walls.

and here is the sunrize at Bryce Canyon…man that was pretty…

and those are the highlights of the trip, in addition to the Coors Brewery tour, the potato gun in Leota, the snake, “nude dude”, the one legged hiker, the campsite 100 feet above the ground, the free-range cows, the hours upon hours of driving, the spontanious driving to random places…just ask and I shall tell

Driving Map

Here is the map of all the driving we did, from michigan to Utah, through Capitol Reef National Park, to Escalante, down a big dirt road and back, then to Bryce Canyon National Park, an attempt to hit the Grand Canyon’s north rim (It was closed) then to Zion National Park, up to Salt lake City, Through Utah back to Denver, then to Leota Minnesota and back to Michigan… Pictures will be here soon, after I scan them today.

Coyote Gulch Soon

Holy crap, 1 more midterm and then I am free to roam Utah at my own pace!, I will be back next Sunday, so until then, just imagine me here:


I just found out that The name Wahyu is pretty common in Indonesia and means “dream, revelation, or Vision” So that is pretty cool.

Musical Cows

Did You Know That!?
Most cows give more milk when they listen to music!

I think that If I  gave milk, I would probably also give more when listening to music. Now the true test would be to find out what kinds of music produce more milk, do Cows like to rock out, or do they like to relax with their tunes. Do they like banjo’s and washtub bass’ or do they like piano and guitar? I wouldn’t be surprised if they liked mellow music, it relaxes them and takes their minds off the farmer’s cold hands squeezin on their udders…of course it is more likely that it is just being sucked out by some crazy technology rather than a real farmer. but I bet you there are some rebelious cows who like to listen to the Sex Pistols and give out sour milk…they pierce their udders and instead of black spots, they have neon blue ones. Think about it…hippie cows who are always stoned, uptight business cows that listen to Yanni and John Tesh, backwater cows that enjoy a little Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys…Man, Cows are really cool!

Wahyu (Our New Cat)

His name is Wahyu (Wah-you, emphasis on the “you”), named after the Indonesian Compassion child that Andrew sponsers with a little help from me… here he is, but be careful, he may be too cute and you may have a seisure.

Pictures and a Kitten

Today will be a a fun-filled day of pictures, stories and exciting news!

Winter Walk
A while back I said I was going to take pictures on a winter walk, well I did and I just never got them on here until today!…Here We go!

This is a big icicle on one of the apartment buildings that is in our complex.

These are railroad ties that function as a wall to hold back dirt along a sidewalk

This is a leaf in the snow bathed in sunlight

This is the pool i will be swimming in when it gets nice and warm outside!

This is the spot in the sidewalk that i slipped and fell right on my ass! notice the sweeping mark showing where my foot flew out from underneath my body.

This is a leaf in a bush

This is the place where the plows pushed all the snow from the parking lot, it is big and really gross looking.

this is a bike behind someones townhouse…I don’t think they were planning on riding it any time soon.

this is a couch…similar place…this is really gonna be gross when the snow melts.

here is the back of our townhouse with a nice dusting of sugar.

Stick in the snow

and some ducks playing in the creek by the townhouses

Here is a picture of the tamper…this compacts the espresso grinds for every single drink we make!

this is a painting in the men’s restroom, I like it a lot

these are the cups that we put the drinks into

these are shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate…mmmmm.

these are the airpots that we put all the coffee in with a Beaner’s shirt in the back.

this is the milk wand and the group heads in the espresso machine

these are Monin bottles, they pump yummy flavors

this is the freaky Leprechaun in the back…it is Curly from the three stooges dressed up…you can see him out front tomorrow for St. Patty’s Day

this is the wash sink after cleaning out coffee pots and soup pots!..mmm.

Funny People
Computer Wizard
This past Saturday, a funny-looking man came in…this is a description of him:
He wore a dark blue t-shirt that featured a picture of a Wizard casting a spell on a computer, over that he wore a gross satin coat. Then came the fanny-pack that was around his waist and partially acting as a belt for his gray sweatpants. his hair was long (about to the tip of his nose) and very greasy, he was quite overweight and had very big glasses. He got his drink and I discovered that he was a software designer….go figure, a fat nerdy dude working with computers!

the second person was even more funny, he came in yesterday. A mother came in to the store and right behind her followed Batman, ok, so it was her little son dressed up as batman. Not the oldschool Batman played by Adam West, but hardcore rubber mask, chestplate and cape. She uninthusiastically stated that “He wanted to make sure Joker wasn’t in here” I laughed my butt off and then took her order. the little boy walked around the store to the other customers with his hands on his hips as if he was patrolling for evil-doers. then when he asked his mom for a chocolate chip scone, his mother said “No let’s leave it for someone else to eat, maybe Joker” to which he retorted “No, not a Bad Guy!” So I assured him that “If Robin comes in today I’ll make sure to give it to him” They sat down and then my shift was done, As I left I said goodbye to Batman and his mommy and went on my merry way.
C is for Cat
We got a kitten…3 weeks old, I’m gonna post pictures here soon, his is really cute, a stray that we got from one of our friends, were gonna take him to the vet to get him neutered and to get his shots…he slept on my feet last night and then purred and wanted me to pet him when i woke up for work. he is really freaking cute..I did some research and I think he is a Bengal…or at least part Bengal. Hooray for cute Pets!!! he doesn’t have a name yet…that is gonna be a hard decision Raelson wants some Old testament Name, Tom want’s it to be Liono (from the Thundercats) and I am leaning towards Names like
Mr. Squeekers (he doesn’t meow he chirps and squeeks a lot)
Mr./Lord Fizzlebottom
Lord Chesterton of Canterburry

those are just some Ideas….ok well I’m gonna go see the cat, make dinner, then go to work at the desk!!!


Sheesh, I am kind of getting sick of writing papers…oh well, only one more to go, then the wonderful world of Utah awaits!

Dang it, I am really low on things to write today, I can only think about one thing at a time recently, and either it is coffee drinks, school, or spring break

Random Search
While searching google for “fantastic field festival of furry ferrets” I found this interesting site of Irish words, so in honor of upcoming St. Patricks day, Here it is “Irish Identity” p.s. Beaners is selling “Leprechaun Latte’s” all week!

Weekly Feature
I have decided That I like the idea of weekly features, My brother does Friday links so I figure I needed one. I have decided that mine will be the “Did You Know That!?” feature, carried on from the great Bill Nye the Science Guy. I will feature one interesting fact every Wednesday and comment about it. hooray for odd facts!!

aahhh ‘taint nuthin like good ol’ sacrilege on a monday afternoon!

Ebay and the fun on e-commerce!
I am thinking about selling some stuff on ebay, an old camera, a crappy banjo, and other random things that I don’t really need. Has anyone ever sold anyhting on ebay? can I get some help and maybe some tips? Please let me know!


2 days
3.3 pages single spaced
14 hours worked at real job
4.5 hours of sleep
3 Latte’s
5 cups of Yerba Mate
25 Chocolate covered espresso beans

I am floating…partly on caffeine mostly out of need for sleep (I’m not energized, but awake)
I am in a daze!

Man oh man…1 week till Utah, 7 days