Did You Know That!
In space, astronauts can’t cry because there is no gravity, so the tears can’t flow.

That is really quite depressing. I have never thought what it would be like to not be able to cry. I guess it is something we really take for granted, some do it more than others, but when those who rarely do it actually do cry…that is huge, it is so integral to our existance as humans. Astronauts can’t cry when they see the earth from above for the first time, they can’t cry if they get some bad news from home, and most importantly they can’t cry if they are scared. It all is just kind of sad

A Headlamp Unto My Feet

The Passion
all together good movie, finally makes the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus something of substance. The whole point of Jesus’ Death was not for him to maintain a clean robe and have a smile on his face, he wasn’t whisteling on the cross he went through hell for us and that is what this movie shows. He got what we all deserve and that is just mind boggleing.

I like school somedays and other days I don’t. I remember in highschool sitting through long 90 minute classes and then being really relieved when college classes were nice and short. but now every tuesday and thursday I have 2 extended classes, with no break in between. Sure Rempel makes Philosophy fun, and Felch is kind of quirky, But seriously…I can only talk about the chiastic structure of the Odyssey for so long!

Backpacking Devotional
I am still set on this whole backpacking devotional…so far I have a few sketched out ideas (merely prototypes) comparing the bible to a Multitool, “Thy word is a headlamp unto my feet”, not rushing and trying to hit everything on the trail as a guide for life, trusting a topo-map and getting where you need to go, etc. etc. I obviously need some help with this project and don’t know where to completely start, Should I get a backpacking seminarian to help, (would he help, after all seminarians are freaking busy and probably have families of their own…) and I also need my friends who backpack to give stories…maybe it can be like a devotional written by many authors all around the topic of backpacking…oh I don’t know) I could get it published by some GR publisher, sell it in Christian stores as well as outdoor stores, advertise in backpacker magazine and then tour the world backpacking and speaking about such things…(yeah right)…oh yeah and I think that I want to impart backpacking tips as well as spiritual ones…maybe a backpacking checklist and a spiritual checklist. I want really amazing pictures of nature and trails, it just fits in with the whole “Gods Beauty” thing

The overall atmosphere at 2469 Normandy Drive is recognizably different this semester, Tom studies more and spends more time alone in his room, Raelson is with his girlfriend a lot of the time (even into the wee hours of the night) and I am all over the place to avoid the boredom of a quiet house and to make some cash. I spend a lot more time on campus in computer labs as well as in Boer Bennink. We as a house don’t sit in the living room anymore laughing ourselves silly about the crazy Japanese people on MXC and we don’t really see eachother as often as the olden days…I imagine that will change with the return of brian and the ending of classes…

Oversleeping and Religious Backpacking

Sleep In, No $
for the first time ever, I was late to work. I went to bed at 11:30 and set my alarm for 6:40, I couldn’t fall asleep until 12:30 and then was woken up by Raelson coming home at 5:00am (ever since this whole girlfriend thing started the boy comes home at the wee-hours of the morning…one night he came home at 7:00 and had class at 9:00!) anyway, I woke up again at 7:37 (this is a problem because I was scheduled to work at 7:00. I didn’t turn the alarm on last night so I slept in, I put on some pants, ran down the stairs and flew out the door, I put on my apron, washed my hands, pulled a set of espresso shots and clocked in by 7:45…that’s pretty good for having woke up at 7:37!

Pictures and Saved Cash
2 spring breaks ago I was in the Everglades, my friends and I were camping on a Chickee which is a platform in the middle of the water that you can put your tent on and stay for the night. my friends were sitting on one end of the platform watching the sun rise. I decided to take my camera, set it up on one end of the platform and set the timer to take a nice group photo, as I ran away from the camera towards my friends, my big toe caught the camera strap and forced my $260 Canon Rebel G to slide off the platform and plunk right into the brackish brown water of the everglades. I bolted back to where the camera was and submerged my upper-torso into the water just catching the strap until it fel out of reach, the water poured out of the camera and it never took another picture ever again. Last spring break I borrowed a nice camera from one of my friends, but this year I have a job, and I wanted a Camera. I looked on ebay for a few weeks and finally this past friday found a camera that was ending in just a metter of hours, It was the same model I used to have but included a big telephoto lens, an attachable flash and a camera bag, a total retail price of about $550 but I got it for $222.50 and I will be getting it probably next week!! hooray for camera’s, hooray for great deals, hooray for the promise of great pictures of spring break!

Handy-Dandy Notebook
I bought the last little pocket-sized notebook at Meijer yesterday, it had a dirty cover and was an ugly neon orange and green-striped thing, so i covered it with a picture of light filtering through the clouds onto a mountain range. This handy-dandy notebook will always be by my side and I will jot down everythgn that I used to tell myself to remember but would always end up fogetting about. It helps me remember the things I want to learn more about and look up on the internet as well as moviess I want to see and cd’s i want to get. I must reccomend having a little notebook in your back pocket to jot down song lyrics, cool ideas, phone numbers, things to research and just randomness!

Jesus was a Backpacker
I have this book my mother gave be a few years ago, It is a devotional titled “In pursuit of the prize- finding God in the great outdoors” I read a lot of the devotions but eventually realized that it had too much talk about hunting and things like that, so I couldn’t relate to a lot of the stories. I picked this book up again last night and got to thinking. I don’t like hunting, I don’t like killing animals, I am not against others killing animals but the mentality kind of freaks me out. I like shooting guns, but not at living things. This book that I was reading tried to appeal to the hearts of people who enjoy hunting and fishing, boating and riding around in ATV’s, I started to wonder if there were devotionals for people who didn’t want to kill god’s creation but just sit back and take it in, to watch marmots scamper across mountainsides and stand under waterfalls. People who hike for days just to turn back and do it all over again. People who can appreciate a good handfull of trail-mix and know what the best type of fabric is to wear in any type of weather. People who would rather walk on blistered feet, sleep on rocks, eat freeze-dried food, and end up smelling more rotten than a pound of ground-beef in the sun on a summer day just to be surrounded by nature than be sitting on a comfy couch drinking a can of pop watching NBC in a heated house in the suburbs. I want a devotional for backpackers, something that makes references to canister stoves, topographic maps, liner-socks, sternum straps, Nalgene bottles, mummy bags, and biodegradable soap.God loves the outdoors, He created it. If Jesus was walking around today, I know he would be sporting a nice pair of Chaco sandals and a be carrying a pack loaded with pita bread and wine in a Nalgene. He would go out to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, hike in the slot canyons and get in touch with his wild side. The Bible has plenty to say to backpackers, and the lessons that can be learned from a backpacking trip are also lessons that can teach us about God. I am a big fan of analogies and can just picture a book comparing god to a headlamp on a dark night, a topographic map when you are lost, and a cool sip of glacial-stream water. the only books that I have found that come close to this are here:

With God on the Hiking Trail

Nature Trails and Gospel Tales

I am actually thinking of getting some help to write my own, using my, and other people’s stories to relate the life of a backpacker to the life of a Christian…we shall see how things progress…

Random Facts

upon searching the internet with the phrase “dangerous peanuts with ancient beards” I found this interesting site: Facts

Did you know that:
-It is possible for any American citizen to give whatever name he or she chooses to any unnamed mountain or hill in the United States.

-More people are killed annually by donkeys than in airplane crashes

-People living in mountain states eat 30% more cookies than other people

this just goes to show that you learn something new every day…especially when you search for the most random things in the world on Google

Naked Blogging?

Can I just say that I am quite dissapointed with the current status of feedback from my site…I guess I need to do more racy things…maybe I should write this naked or something…

Thoughts and Links

I worked 2 early days this week and this morning slept in till 10:45 and even though I got plenty of Z’s, I feel like I need another 5 hours…I don’t know what it is…maybe it is because I am slowly becoming used to having 2 shots of espresso in my system every morning…I think i’m gonna go get a Latte when I am done with class.

I think I have eshausted the internet when it comes to any information to my spring break trip….if there is a website about Coyote Gulch, I have seen it. I have realized that while it is good that we iliminated the cost and distraction of cable television and cable internet, it is also kind of boring sometimes…I think that even though I may not be paying money for the cable anymore, I am now going to be buying more cd’s, reading material and gas for my increased driving habits now that there is this void that used to be filled with t.v.

why is it that things for backpacking cost so much money? and that a fleece can cost waaaay more than a water filter? why is this relativly cheap hobby so darn expensive?

here is something from Polaroid concerning our call to  “Shake it like a polaroid picture” I guess that just leaves us with “shaking it like a salt shaker”

So i have decided that this weblog has gotten considerably boring…and I am now taking suggestions to what I can do to spice things up around here!

Escalante Dreams

as the days progress, my excitement for spring break also increases…I just cant wait to be shoving myself into little slot canyons like the ones pictured below:

I Love nature and would be glad if I never used my communications degree and worked in a national park or as a backpacking guide!

upon yesterdays purchase of Harvest by Neil Young, I began to think that someday I want to meet a girl who would be proud to have albums like this in her CD collection…she should have a well-rounded view of music and be able to appreciate things like classical music, neil young, bob dylan, the beatles, and also have an interest in new music that is blossoming these days…then I will marry her!

Changed Plans

So I did the whole picture winter walk yesterday…it went well…but we disconnected our cable and our internet, sooo I am trying to find a way to upload the pics…

We had a meeting yesterday about spring break and with the discovery of a website describing the plans from a group in Cincinati…we decided to change our plans (they are doing the same hike the same week we wanted to….but I found some really good stuff in escalante national monument!

i worked randomly today because a coworker couldn’t make it so…i picked up his shift! $$$

man oh man It sure does suck that I have to wait a week for spring break…I am way too excited…it’s not healthy

The Good, The Bad and The Expensive

Site Updating
Dag-nabbit! I tell you, I have been a real slacker when it comes to updating this thing and I am quite sorry. Now that I have an hour free between classes every monday, wednesday or friday I can update it those days. (p.s. I am usually in the CAS building  computer lab so if you want to visit me go right ahead!)

Money: how I get it and where it goes
I really don’t like waking up at 5:30…sure getting payed is nice but not when all my money goes directly into my problematic car
List of things that have gone wrong since I got it around thanksgiving:
-Sway bar thing broke and fuel pump busted – somewhere aroun $750
-4-wheel drive busted – $385
-gas tank rusted through – $354

but here is the kicker…My mom fronts a lot of the bill since I really don’t make that much, and she felt somewhat guilty letting me borrow/have her lemon of a car. I love the car, I love my mother, I know I am spoiled, but I am trying to earn some extra cash for these such things…speaking of earning money….my last paychecks on friday wer for 53 hours at beaners and 28 at the desk…my next paycheck will be for 36 hours at beaners and 10 at the desk…man I don’t know what it is but I am just not getting the hours! and thus not getting the cash

Spring Break!
I am trying to save up money for spring break. Dublin did not go through – too much planning needed, not enough time, plus we had no idea where to go or what to do. So we decided upon Canyonlands National Park, but more specifically Salt creek Canyon. It is a 22 mile hike in with an offshoot trail to see a cool natural arch called “Angel Arch” pictured below:

this trail covers a route that lets us see some amazing geological formations, ancient native ruins and pictographs as well as giving us a nice challenge and the opportunuty to do some random exploring! I am pumped!

Observations About People and Life
Every day that I work at beaners and walk the campus of Calvin I cant help but find myself thinking things…about people…groups of people..and I am not sure if it is ok to think like this..why do people who have lower education often enjoy things such as car racing and motorsports… why do attractive kids know how to dance better than nerdy kids…why do some kids dress in all black and listen to really hard rock? And why are those kids often not attractive (not in their style of dress but in actual physical conventions of beauty) Why do popular people listen to popular music? why do some people who smoke pot like jam bands? why do a lot of Africans on Calvin’s campus dress like they come from the ghettos of the US?

I am just confused about how people’s physical appearance, populartiy in their formative years (adolescence), taste in music, habits and interests coincide…how do people become who they are…are why do the unpopular dress unconventionally and listen to different music…why do these things happen is it their choice? or their way to fin in?   odd beings we humans are.

When I got home from work today, the screen door opened for me…no no one opened it for me…it opened by itself…(ok so maybe it was the wind that caught it since it was stuck a crack open…but I would like to think that I willed it open!)
I like food…I especially think yogurt is tasty
I really strongly dislike Anime…
I am going to put on all my warm clothes, bundle up all cozy and go on a winter photo walk..taking pictures of all the fun things I find around my house..I will then post my findings here on this very page!

Everyday Awesomeness

I tried to update this Saturday night but my brother’s MAC laptop made me mess up and delete a really long entry…let’s try again:

I have never worked as much as I did these past two weeks, I have a total ov 53 hours at Beaners and 28 at the desk….oh well it all adds up to one big payday coming this friday! I need to save my money because spring break is a bit more than a month away and I have some plans…

At Bryan’s going away party Matt dekam brought his roommates along, having only met one of these guys once before when I went to sunday dinner at their house once, I walked over and gave the roomate I knew a big hug (he is a big backpacker like me and we talked a lot about trips etc when i first met him) he asked me “got any plans for Spring Break” to which I responded with: “I do now” (I had some ideas about going to backpacking in utah, florida, or the smokey mountains) he said he wanted to go backpacking and it was obvious that we were going to be going together…he said one of his ideas was to go to colorado for 2 days for some skiing and then down to Zion, bryce canyon, or the rim of the Grand Canyon for the rest of the trip. the other plan was to go to Dublin Ireland because he might be able to get us tickets for like…200 some dollars…I said either was fine and was quite excited…It is nice to have someone to talk backpackign with…someone who is equally obsessed (my roomates don’t have backpacks, let alone hiking boots, so it is a bit hard to find common ground in that area) So now all I have to do is worry about getting off work for 10 days, I let my manager know about spring break and I really hope people can pick up my hours.

on another note, Bryan is now in London and doing British things…you know, growing bad teeth, talking funny, drinking tea, and watching episodes of “Ab-Fab” and “Are you being Served” I hope he takes pictures with the Beaner’s cup I gave him.

Raelson has a girlfriend now, and Tom just got back from visiting his gal over interim break…oh well I always have work and school to keep me busy…Winona Ryder is gonna call me one of these days…or Gillian Welch

So classes started today, I have 2 a day…MWF-11:30 T,TH-12:05, this means I still get to work early in the morning at Beaner’s it is kind of funny how the first year that I have really late classes I am wakign up earlier than when I had late classes!

I went ot to dinner with my brother the other day, he is a big nerd when it comes to Technology (especially if MAC makes it), he also has this old-ass moped that he is trying to fix up all nice…it sounds like a chainsaw…

the other day at work, I was filling up the sugar-shaker-pourer thing and after I was done I put on the lid but forgot to twist it, when I came out from the back 2 minutes later, a guy came up and handed his cup to my coworker and said that the lid and like 2 inches of sugar went into his coffee….hehe..oh well. I really do like work, I don’t know what it is but making coffee drinks and being nice to random people is quite fun, even if it is 6:30 a.m.

I was kind of dissapointed at my fellow Xanga-ers for not leaving comments for my last entry…it was a long one..cmon! give me some proof that people like me! maybe I need to take more pictures…people like pictures…especially in our visually oriented society who is becomign increasingly lazy if there is no graphic or sound…man we are over stimulated…I’m not saying that music and pictures are bad but really think about it…we have so much distraction in our lives, it is so difficult to get both visual and aural silence in this world…That is why I really want to go to Tibet and Nepal someday, they are like the complete opposite of western culture when it comes to the bussiness of life!

well in conclusion folks…come get your morning latte’s this wednesday and friday and your afternoon coffee and sandwich this saturday at Beaner’s on Breton and 28th! I’ll give you service with a smile…or maybe a sarcastic comment