Work is Stressful

I went to work this morning at 6:00 like usual but I wasn’t sure if i was scheduled to work at that time, so just to be safe i showed up, turned out i was scheduled to work at 7:00 but i stayed anyways. It was so incredibly slow this morning and i was scheduled until 12:30…well like 2 minutes before I was going to leave, this lady orders 2 bagle sandwiches so i give them to her and she sits down and starts eating. well i look behind me and there is my coworker Kimberly grilling up 2 bagel sandwiches…i asked her what they were for and she pointed to the lady I just served…i was like “um…nope…i gave her the sandwiches” Kimberly made a big mistake…I told the manager (who is usually 60% crotchety every day, she is a co-owner with her daughter whos is much cooler) well this whole sandwich deal just made her more crotchety which then makes her mad at anyone around her…I hate this phenomennon…if she get’s pissed and people are around her for some reason, though they may be completely innocent, they are targets for future crotchety-ness…

all in all I enjoy the people I work with…there was this girl who worked there, i took her place, she was really nice and we worked well together, and Noah (who has been there since the place opened) is also nice, despite my first impression that he was a pompous jackass that was self centered, turns out he is a good balance of normality with a twist of wierdness…it is a blessing to have people who can enjoy it when i make funny voices, do a sudden jig. then there is this girl who is moving in to low income housing, dancing at the intersection on saturdays, and recently spent a few nights in jail for breaking a restraining order that her boyfriend put on her by going on a date with him…at work she seems like a regular person, she is nice…i think…she is short and supposedly “a ball of energy” but when I work with her she definitly is in her own little world and doesn’t really talk to me or interact whatsoever with me at all. then there is Cris who looks like a hobbit, takes forever to close and is just kind of awkward, nice but akward. the other people are all good but nothing special…i haven’t worked with them as much

I also have had an interesting weekend on the topic of ladies and love…if you would like to know more please call…some information may be top secret.

Bryan leaves this week for Britain, I guess we are having a sort of going away party tonight…I am just excited about opening and eating the 1 1/2 foot “yard-O-beef” my mother gave me for christmas…it is a giant summer sausage…

in conclusion, with the advent of 2 paychecks whis weekend, I bought new shoes (they are the exact same kind I gave to the homeless a number of months back) and also an MSR Pocket Rocket it is a backpacking stove that is just a bit bigger than a salt shaker but quite quite powerful…I am trying to save some cash for spring break as well as equiping myself for a backpacking adventure.

Happiness in January

Is it wrong to have an interim class that consists of just movies, about 20 minutes top of class discussion and short online journal entries?…because that’s all Im doing…it is so easy but I am learning a lot about african americans and their role in film….

I also love work, I don’t know what it is but even though I wake up at 5:30 am I still have a fun time and would work 2 shifts a day….especially the ones when i don’t have to open or close…

I cooked halibut for Andrew ippel the other day, yes the alaskan halibut that I caught with my own two hands…then we practiced music for a few hours, went to go seeĀ  “along came polly” it is a rental don’t see it in the theatre…

I really like playing with Andrew, he is amazing at the piano and when we converge we form a force to be recconed with…we have vowed to record a CD by the end of the semester!

Werkin Hard

I am really busy, between working the Desk and at Beaner’s I am racking up the hours!

I am working friday night from 5-9 at Beaners as well as 11-4 on saturday afternoon

I work the desk sometime this weekend but can’t remember…sometime after 9:00…..come visit me at both these locations

Class and Dollars

I might as well be dead if i don’t update this thing….

interim is a great time…I am in a class about african american’s in film and every day we get to watch a movie…so far the highlights have been a 3 hour silent film, gone with the wind and “stormy weather” starring lena horn. I think I am going to like January

I also have been waking up at 5:30 to get to work by 6:00 I work mornings sometimes and that is fine…it is just wierd getting done with work when my roomates are just waking up. I really like Beaners…I love making coffee drinks and the tips in the morning aren’t bad…6 extra dollars in my pocket every day is kinda nice

I may be working two jobs and attending classes but I am havingĀ a great time doing it!


the dorms opened up today so I worked a 5 and 1/2 hour shift…it went remarkably fast…Raelson comes home tonight…..I got a Job at Beaners coffee shop…I start training tomorrow…20 hours of training, then 6a.m.-noon shifts…..
boo to waking up really early
yay to cash, yay for classes
boo to not getting sleep in the coming weeks
boo to homework
yay for roomates
yay for playing the hand-drum at the wedding
yay to gift cards to Panera
yay to seeing people again
yay for snow
boo to cold
boo to cleaning off your car every morning

hooray for life!

Wedding Drums

I am playing hand drums in Megan Visser’s wedding on saturday….the ceremony is at a baptist church about 2 hours away so after the rehersal tommorrow I am going stay at somebody’s house and then do the real thing in the morning….or afternoon…i don’t know I have never been to a wedding of a peer…hooray for marriage…even it is stealing friends away from me and making me feel uncomfortable hanging out with an official “couple”

I also totally kicked this semesters butt! I got 2 B-, 1 B, and an A…taking a more logical course load deffinitly helped…that and not being distracted by the dorms