Never Alone

Can I just say that I never want to live alone, I want to go directly from having friend roommates to living with a wife, being in this house all alone is just that…lonely…especially since no one esle i know is in GR…at least those that would want to hang out with me. I turn on the tv to make it feel like there is someone else here. I go to sleep earlier than usual because there is no one to keep me up. I leave unwashed dishes in the sink because I am the only one who has to look at them. I watch movie after movie in hope to distract my mind from the void of stimulation provided by friends. Even though roomates can anger you to no end, I think I would rather live with them without them.

I am excited about going home for Christmas, but am somewhat sad that Joel won’t be there this year, sure he’ll be around later in the week but who am I supposed to talk to when the relatives just don’t get it?…who can I quip to when it is just me and my little cousins…who is going to be there to tell me what to do when i don’t want to hear it…oh yeah Mom will still be around..hehe…

Holidays are bittersweet, family is both comforting and stressful, home is the same way, leaving friends behind is no good, cousins complaining when they get something other than what they wanted, and aunts and uncles putting up facades and hiding how they really feel….I am guilty of the same….we must maintain order and smile all the way through…no one is to be upset…this is Christmas!

Merry Christmas, and just be happy you are here…

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