Never Alone

Can I just say that I never want to live alone, I want to go directly from having friend roommates to living with a wife, being in this house all alone is just that…lonely…especially since no one esle i know is in GR…at least those that would want to hang out with me. I turn on the tv to make it feel like there is someone else here. I go to sleep earlier than usual because there is no one to keep me up. I leave unwashed dishes in the sink because I am the only one who has to look at them. I watch movie after movie in hope to distract my mind from the void of stimulation provided by friends. Even though roomates can anger you to no end, I think I would rather live with them without them.

I am excited about going home for Christmas, but am somewhat sad that Joel won’t be there this year, sure he’ll be around later in the week but who am I supposed to talk to when the relatives just don’t get it?…who can I quip to when it is just me and my little cousins…who is going to be there to tell me what to do when i don’t want to hear it…oh yeah Mom will still be around..hehe…

Holidays are bittersweet, family is both comforting and stressful, home is the same way, leaving friends behind is no good, cousins complaining when they get something other than what they wanted, and aunts and uncles putting up facades and hiding how they really feel….I am guilty of the same….we must maintain order and smile all the way through…no one is to be upset…this is Christmas!

Merry Christmas, and just be happy you are here…


today I woke up, watched saved by the bell and went shopping for the rest of the people on my list. Can I just say that 28’th street is the devil! I then moved on to 29th street which was much better but since everone tries to take advantage of those yellow lights, i was blocked by someone sitting in the middle of the intersection, thus, i was also in the middle of the intersection and therefore in the middle of traffic for a bit….after that i tried to be the nice person who let people into the lane and whatnot…i let many people in and got pissed off when they didnt do the “thank you” wave….i le this one lady in and after that I thought to myself “i wouldn’t have let you in had I known you had a megadeath sticker in your back window and were going to flick that ciggarette butt on the ground”   people in this world, especially around Christmas need to use a bit more common sense and think less selfishly…im going home tommorrow…first time since september!

Green River

while working on getting all my pictures back and printing out some notes for my take-home part of my english exam, I randomly had the urge to drink a green river (for those of you who are not familiar with this soda, it is lime…not lemon lime but nice green limey lime

it is bottled in Chicago and some places make it form syrup and you can ask for extra syrup…extra strong…but nothing in this world beats a green river float….mmmmmmmm


I have decided that the mindset that you have while taking an exam directly effects your performance… I didn’t enjoy takign the exam this morning at 9am…i didn’t get enough sleep and i probably could have studied more but on the way to school i listened to a really great song that made me very happy, energetic, and pumped up. I was smiling and wiggling in my chair to the music in my head, and just tried to have a good time while taking the exam, and i think i will get a pretty good grade on it partly because of that!

Daily Life

I like exams much more than writing papers….for some reason,even though I have trouble studying for tests for more than 3 hours, that is all I really seem to need. I retain information pretty well if I study, and if the test is on key concepts, reflection, oropinionoriented, i really kick some booty!

I got the recording that we did in the studio the other day…maybe my brother could put it on his site so you all could listen to it. it sounds pretty cool I think

I also am going to apply at Schulers this coming week, extra money is much needed in this season of consumerism!

our Christmas tree looks good, maybe I will put up a picture if I can get one

9 X 3

I wrote 9 pages of 3 different papers last night, I am went to bed at 8 a.m. and woke up 2 hours later. I have another paper due tomorrow, 2 more classes today, a deskie shift, and the strong desire to just curl up in a ball and take the biggest, comfiest nap that has ever existed!

oooohhhh I really love sleep these recent days, probably because i get so little of it!


I like food, Yes I do…..I made a cornbread stuffed pork loin yesterday…it was so good…I am going to have the leftovers for dinner tonight. In addition to the pork loin, I made corn and garlic mashed potatoes. What I don’t like is the fact that so many papers and the like all happen this week…I tell ya, why can’t proffessors be like “I dont want to screw over my students so I won’t give them a paper the last week of the semester”…That would be a cool prof!

I am also looking forward to having this semester be done, and I plan on getting a job over Christmas break and Interim…Bryan says i should work at schulers, I think that is a good idea because then I can work in the cafe in the morning, go to class, eat dinner, go rock climbing every day! and even get discounts on books and cd’s at Schulers. …did I mention that I am going to get a month-long membership to a wall-climbing place this interim and then have fun with that as often as I can?…well I am hungry…bye

Remember the hair!!!


after giving a rousing speach about the theme of adultry and marriage in the simpsons for my CAS class i prepared to go to the recording studio (dynamite)

a long time ago a group of people who started jamming out by the smoke pit my freshman year got together and thought it would be fun to try out for supercave (Calvin’s battle of the bands) so we got some songs together, and some other good musicians (there were six of us total) and we tried out, we made it and got a spot to compete. We were the last ones to go on stage and when we were done, despite technical difficulties, the crowd loved us! we won audience’s choice and judge’s choice. the prizes were a bag of skittles and a subscription to performing songwriter magazine, and the big prize was recording time in a studio. well since i was in alaska all summer and couldn’t be there to record with the rest of the gang we waited until yesterday. they have been practicing all summer and added two other guys, eliminated me and lydia (the violin player) and got more away from the folk feel. Lydia and I still got to record one of our original songs each with the band, so that is what we did yesterday! I wrote a really catchy song last year and now in addition to the usual dulcimer anc my vocals, it has a piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, violin, and 2 more harmony vocals….it sounds quite awesome! I will get a copy of my song sometime soon so if you would like to hear it i will make it available!

A Black Hole for Money

Can I just say that cars are the just pits to throw money down. the simple repairs of the sway bar and now the broken fuel pump are going to run 700 dollars, but furthere down the line the intake manifold will cause problems and that will be 1000 dollars, I am not getting that fixed until I have to …..but heck it’s all cheaper than buying a new car!

Broken Car

The tortion/tension/sway bar (I dont know what the heck it is) on my car came undone, this means that it would hit the ground and push up the front of the car but then it would swing back up and i could drive…well i tied it up, drove it around all weekend and made an appointment to have it fixed, well of course over the weekend (starting saturday) it had trouble starting,took about 6 tries to get it to start, and once it finally did start and I was done pissing off all the people in the townhouses around me, it would run really bumpy and really loud. So i didn’t drive it at all the past 3 days, brought it in to the repair place early this morning and authorized them to do at least 100 dollars worth of work…dang I hate cars, especially when they don’t work!