Christmas List

Here it is kids, The Christmas list, no this is not an order, but hey if you feel so inclined, be my guest!…It is more for me to have a place to put this list, and for my loved ones to look at it!

Magazine Subscriptions:
Harp Magazine
Relevant Magazine

David Schnaufer – Delcimore
Indigo Spirit – Indigo Spirit
Some Girls – Feel It
My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves
The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site
Josh Rouse – 1972
Innocence Mission – Befriended
Be Good Tanyas – Blue Horse
Neko Case – Blacklisted

Classical Cd’s:
Arvo Part: Te Deum / Kaljuste, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Arvo Part – Sanctuary

Debra Fine – The Fine Art of Small Talk
Simon Frith (editor), Andrew Goodwin (editor) – On Record: Rock Pop, and the Written Word


I went to beaners last night and was studying, my hair kept getting in my eyes and it was bugging me, I will now let the pictures speak for themselves:

I have a mullet, I wore it to class all day, I wore the moustache to 1 class, and to work at the desk, I am keeping it tommorrow, and wearing the moustache again. Never pass up a chance to make a mullet! I cut my hair, not because my family urged me to, but because it was scratching my eyes and really started to piss me off, I didn’t want to part it or wear a headband so I lopped it off. Why not have some fun with your hair while you still can! if I was an adult with a stabel business job, I could never get away with this…have fun while you can folks, that is the lesson here!


Ok folks, I didn’t have much homework today so i played around with pictures…even made a cool collage! let me know which ones you like, and your comments on them!

This is me and the bread man I made out of Buttermilk Biscuits!

Here is a picture of a young buck that wandered into our backyard one day, he had a doe with him and he was trying to woo her with his mad ground-scraping skills!

Now to the artistic stuff!!!

Here are some leaves and rocks, the first picture is monochrome with certain features left in color! the second is the picture with all the colors left in!

Here is a picture of a leaf in one of the steps out front of our house, i left the leaf and a few pieces of grass with color

These are leaves that I pressed and put on a photograph I took like 6 years ago at 4th Pres. Church downtown Chicago.

This is a collage of mostly magazine clippings that i took pictures of, and then compiled with a photo editing program, I drew in some things and even made the paper that functions as the background (it is amazing what you can do with yard dander, paper pulp, a few leaves, a grease screen, and a creative mind!)

I hope you enjoyed your trip through the Josh Leo Sunday Gallery, please leave comments and browse at your leisure!

Food, Papers, and Films

I am so full…I ate sunday dinner at my aunt’s house today adn it was very good, my mother was in town dropping me off my car…a 95 2 door Chevy Blazer…it is her old car and i really don’t own it…more just borrowing it, but hey now i have wheels and i don’t have to piss off Raelson.

I finished those papers and turned them in…I suppose i could have written better ones but i also have to jugle other papers, tests, work, etc…if i was a proffessor who took sabatacle off just to do research then I could pump out some awesome stuff, but alas…i have other commitments!

I watched Gandhi on friday night all 3 hours and 40 minutes of it…great film…the previous friday i watched JFK…about as long and just as good..I recomend both of them, I made up for that all nighter I pulled with plenty of napping…that day was hard to get through…when 8:00 am feels like 5:00 pm…you know you are in for a long day!

well I am gonna get going and I love you all!

Spoiled Paper Writing

papers, papers….well just papers…2 to be exact…both long, I will be working all day and night….along with a little stint at the desk from 9-12  oh poo! I am getting a car that I hardly deserve…my mom’s old blazer…man oh man i am a spoiled child! but at least I wont bug my roomates for rides anymore…freedom!!!

i’ll let you know how this whole paper writing goes!

Pop Culture

I have decided that I want to specialize in pop culture. I like music, I like T.V., I like Movies, I like food, I like products, I even like advertising (studying it at least most advertising makes me sick…all sex driven with lack of morals and whatnot) I contemplated going into one of these areas but never really felt comfortable with the idea of making TV shows, or working for a marketing firm. I decided that I like analyzing culture…media culture, I enjoy picking apart movies, television, advertising and music. I enjoy finding God within the walls of culture. I enjoy finding symbolism and deeper meaning in art. I enjoy seeing the impact these forms of media have on individuals and our culture as a whole.
I am writing a paper for english right now about the portrayal of masculinity in popular American television and its negative impact on our culture. This is the first time that I have ever felt completely confident in writing a paper over 8 pages. I know where I am going, I know what I am writing about, I have the resources, and I have an interest in the topic. I never realized how much a deep interest in what you are assigned to write makes in efectivley completing a task. I like to “Culturally Discern”
I just wish there were more classes at Calvin on how to find God in all aspects of culture..advertising and music specifically. I think there needs to be classes in contemporary music at Calvin. Classes that discuss the big ones like Dylan, and the Beatles, but also discuss the importance of The Pretenders, Ani Difranco, The Ramones, The Clash, Carole King, Grand Master Flash, and all other artists throughout all genres that have played an important role in shaping our culture. Why is it that the work of Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach get so much study at Calvin, almost exclusive coverage of composers over songwriters? I realize the skill and genius of the composers of great arias and requiems, but I also recognize the fact that all three Music History courses practically never mention the work of songwriters of the 20th century. I realize that you must look back before you can look ahead, but we are so busy looking back that we have missed the importance of music in contemporary culture. We need classes in American folk music, the history of rock and roll, The Blues, and perhaps classes in songwriting. We need instrument lessons that go beyond classical guitar and go to electric guitar, electric bass, mandolin, banjo, percussion with drum kits, rock organ, jazz piano, we need classes that deal with contemporary issues and trends in music. Calvin needs a side of the FAC for the “classical” arts and the other side for study of music for the people, roots music, and popular music. We need classes in music criticism, we need a revolution that gets music off of it’s mountain of unavailability and brings it down to the people. Music is still music if it is not played by a band or orchestra, it is still music if it isn’t sung by a choir, it is music if it isn’t played on a violin, cello, organ, piano, or any other “classical” instrument. If Calvin is so bent on engaging in culture then we need to embrace it in all mediums.Whew!… I am passionate about some things and then I just go off on them. for more information on what I want to do with my life please visit this website:  Relevant Magazine

It deals with, like the banner says, God, Life, and progressive culture (including music, movies, and television)

Finally Heat!

Today is the first day we turned on the heat!!! I am surprised that we never reached the point of seeing our breath in the living room…Tom had trouble studying it was so cold, I had trouble sleeping (and I was wearing long underwear) so we decided to turn it on…about 65 degrees….mmm so warm compared to what it once was…I love warm air when it is cold!

School and Photos

Oh I don’t like papers, I like my topics, but C’mon compiling all that information, typing, thinking, citing, and all else that has to do with papers…it is not a fun journey…I also am getting sick of not having all i want to eat in the house. If i buy something perishable I have to eat it soon, but I don’t go shopping every week, the really good things like roasts or other meatable goods take too long to make…

Can I just go to bed and sleep until they give me my degree?

Why are 2 big papers and one midterm all happenign in this one week? there were weeks when I didn’t have any assignments…now i am loaded…grr to the schooling system

I am on Calvin’s housing webpage…the little changing picture in the corner of the page every once in a while changes to this:

That is me with short hair playing pool against Big Dave!

here is the link if you want to see it for real! Housing

Some of those pictures are so posed it makes me sick!

and I know that I won’t get any comments without a picture, therefore I put one in today just for that purpose

Drums and School

The problem of the lack of drum set it pretty much solved. Andrew Ippel belongs to a project neighborhood house that is connected to a church, this church has a piano and drum set ready to be used. Andrew has access to the church whenever he wants, therefore, we now have a place to practice. We also have a place to play: Sacred Grounds (here is an article about it in the Chimes: Sacred Grounds) This coffee shop has a drum set, keyboard, amazing atmosphere and a P.A.system (along with a 6 string bass and electric guitar if someone ever felt so inclined to use them) I talked to the owner and he is eager to hear us! I also e-mailed a guy at dynamite studios and asked if they have a piano and drum set…they do, and we can record there for a low price, compared to all other studios. I also talked to a kid who lived on my floor last year, he recorded the B.B. C.D. in his room, but now he is in a class that uses Calvin’s studio, he said they just put a keyboard down there, and are planning on an upright piano…no drum set, but hey if we can make a demo in there of just me and Andrew maybe that will be enough to get us some gigs! If we can find someone to lend us a drum set for a night we might be able to play the fish house sometime also! But really before we do anyhting, I need to finish writing lyrics, and we need to practice A LOT more. I want this to be a well-oiled machine!

In other news, I am writing a paper for english about the portrayal of masculinity in popular American television and how it plays a negative role in society. For TV Criticism I am writing 3 critiques of 3 episodes of Saved by the Bell, both these topics are interesting…I just have to make sure that I do them well.

I registered for classes and My interim class is  “Brothas and Sistas at the Movies” it studies the role of African Americans in Film. and it meets at 2:00…which means I get to sleep in! I also get to sleep in second semester, 3 days out of the week I start at 11:30 and the other 2 days I start at noon!!!