Happy Halloween all!
I took a spooky midterm today and then went to a haunted desk and worked for 3 hours, now I am home alone and…um …it’s scary…oooh…

Boring holiday! I used to love this holiday so much it ws almost sick, I own a fog machine because of this holiday, yet i have done nothing special living off campus and not attending any parties relly puts a damper on the whole halloween spirit. I didn’t even have a costume so i made one on the computer out of this picture I took:

I have a headache and might just go to bed soon…meh…it is a shame that the such a wonderful holiday went to waste for me…hey i bought some fish today…that was fun…

p.s. what maked those small candy bars “fun size” thats not fun, more candy bar is fun…a big ass candy bar the size of a school bus now THATS fun size!

Old Band New Band

here I sit, alone in the fish house as my old band does a soundcheck in the background. They are a wierd cover/odd music band now…they are all good musicians…but i wouldn’t want to listen to them on a regular basis.

I am trying to get this whole band thing down…Me, Andrew Ippel, and Jon Spee. We need to find a place to practice with drums and a piano, we need to record a demo, we need to write more songs, it all takes time and I am impatient.

I am sad to have classes start again, but oh well the studying must ensue.

Food, Sleep, and Shoes

I have had a boring weekend, i worked, ate hotdogs, made cupcakes, took naps, drank some lemonade, gave away the new shoes that i was wearing in church…yeah well so i have to buy new ones…they are going to charity…it was actually pretty cool…most of the congregation was jacket-less and shoe-less at the end of the service

Bought Three Things

bought three things today….not counting the Chicken Quesadilla (Kway-so-dill-uh)CD’s:
Jayhawks – Rainy Day Music
The Thorns – The Thorns

The Complete Idiots Guide to Songwriting

I was so close to also purchasing Rosie Thomas’ new album…but decided to conserve some of the cash…

I like all three things that I have bought
In addition to buying things, I talked to Jon Spee and he said he needs a drum set if he is going to play with us…WE NEED A DRUM SET!!! got one? let us have it. Let us borrow it…etc.

I would like to say that I like music, and I like taking and editing pictures….these are my current extracurricular activities…

Here is a picture I took and edited of Raelson’s hands:(www.xanga.com/raelson)

Here is one of him lying down studying:

and one final picture of me:

Some Creativity

Yesterday Andrew Ippel (Piano Man Extrordinaire) and I (Mountain Dulcimer Player) practiced for the first time, I presented a chord progression that I have been toying around with…we wrote the music for the verses, chorus and bridge, my assignment is to write the lyrics, his is to come up with a tune/chord progression for next time we practice. We hope to build a repertoire and start playing gigs. I could have sworn that Jon Spee offered to play drums if I ever needed one…so who knows…

I have been messing around with this photo editing program…so don’t think I am completely self absorbed even though I have been messing with pictures of myself…and yes mother I am doing more than what I write about in this journal…but writing about homework is boring!

This is the original:

Here is the new color version:

And finally, the black and white version:

tell me your thoughts about these pictures by either leaving a comment or clicking the e-mail link on the side, you don’t have to be a user for that

Party Pictures

We had the big shindig and it went quite well, I think some people came and expected beer, but all they got was coffee drinks and tea etc., so they didn’t stay long. It was so much fun having people over and using the bar we built, we can throw a pretty good party when push comes to shove. Here are some pictures for you all!

Tom’s grandfather owns a candy shop, so since Tom’s brother and uncle were here this weekend, they brought us so much candy we will have it for months! We even got a 10 lb bar of chocolate so here is tom dipping some strawberries…he dipped all kinds of berries, nuts, banannas, and even sour patch kids…He is a pro

Here are some shots of the bar, Brian is in his element behind a coffee bar, he works at Schuler’s Cafe so he does coffe drinks, i do everyhting else without coffee.

I didn’t know all the people who came (I didn’t personally invite many people It was more Tom’s doing than anyone elses) but here is a nice action shot of tom smoothe talkin’ the ladies

What is a party without people?! notice the cups of tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. in some of their hands, no keg here we like hot drinks!

Thank you for virtually visiting our party, perhaps next time you can come in real life!

her is a final day shot of our house….we need some decoration and landscaping but many people think it is very homey…including us!

Party Invite

If you read this..and know me, and feel comfortable hanging out in a basement without alcohol but plenty of coffee and tea, come on over to Rephidim Coffee House at 2469 Normandy Drive SE it is our basement coffe shop and we are having a quiet get-together on saturday night, come around 9 and all wil be fun, you will also get the chance to see my place (let me know if you are coming by an e-mail, just to get an estimate)

Wooden Words

So what does everyone think of the name “Wooden Words” for a band….It is one I have been throwing around

I like wood…it is simple, but complex, it is used everywhere and is one of the best building supplies in the world and it is 100% God-made!

I have to work from 3:30-6 today at the BB desk, come visit me, I am not working tomorrow at my normal shift because once upon a time I was in a little group that won Super Cave and now we have to record in the studio…While I was gone in Alaska they practiced and added more people…Lydia (violin) and I were phased out, but we bother get a song to record…that means that i have to teach them my song, and then we record it..it shoul dbe fun even though I’m not really friends with any of them any more…I’ts ok hopefully this thing with andrew and I will take off and we will be amazing! BWAHAHAHAH!!!!…

Hangin’ with Jacqui

I went to bed last night at 11:45, got up at 9:45…why is it that i took 2 naps totalling about 3 hours today? how is it possible that I was tired?

Jacqui DeBoer came over today, we hung out and actually ended up talking about proffessors, the crime and injustice that is american history and how it is presented in textbooks to kids in schools, how Calvins political community consists of 2 extremes that need to become comfortable with not knowing all the facts and recognizing press as propaganda, and also about how good cinnamon and cardamon smells. I felt like i was in elementary school having friends over after school but she had to be home for before dinner…it was a good time I hadn’t hung out with her in a while.

I am curious to why the calvin community has exploded with blogs..or as Dave Boven likes to say BLAAAHG! biggyd. I like learning what other people around me are doing…I just wish that more people I knew had them and updated them on a regular basis…i can’t explain why it is fun to read online journals..it just is..