Still Alive

Backpacking was a blast, though it rained off and on all weeeknd, there were times of beautiful blue sky highlighting the bright red leaves. Sure we got lost for an hour, sure we heard gunshots all weekend, sure the gas line was thumping the ground all night, sure we had to walk through water in the bog…all great times had by all!

So I bet none of my roomates even read this, which i think is kind of funny, I could be posting all kinds of things about them on here and they would never know even though it was only a click away.

I still don’t believe that anyone reads this and actually gives a crap, except my loving mommy, she is cool. She makes good applesauce. I made spaghetti today…Raelson ate a sandwich and tequitos…he eats a lot of things that are overly processed and frozen…I swear he is going to die from freeze poisoning.

I typed a paper at Beaners tonight, good place, free internet, nice atmosphere, good drinks. Hanging out in a coffee shop listening to Belle and Sebastian made me feel so hip. I should have had some sort of crazy latte, or new exotic tea, Should have been wearing tight corduroys, some indie band shirt, or 1970’s thrift store find, thick frame glasses, been writing some social commentary, or poetry, or sketching, or working on a social justice plan to get Calvin to use fair trade coffee. My stuff should have been in a messenger bag either plain black or decked out in politically active patches, or more indie bands. I should have taken a smoke break to burn a djarum down and then hopped on a moped to cruise home to my place in east town where my artsy roomates were awaiting my arrival with a snack of ginger beer and organically grown salsa and blue corn chips.

Instead I sat there with my new backpack from EMS, my large cup of caramel apple cider, wearing cargo pants from old navy, a calvin shirt with a gap fleece that my brother found over it. I typed my IDIS 205 paper on my “craptop” that i got for free from a friend that i decorated with fancy paper, magazine clipping, and decoupaged it all together. My cell phone was neatly tucked away in the special pocket in my bag, I packed up, hopped into Raelson’s Toyota Echo and came home to my townhome by the Jolly Roger Ice Rink and found my roomates watching city slickers 2 “the legend of Curly’s gold” on cable.

Why isn’t my life more dramatic? Why don’t I have daily adventures? when will I be sitting in a coffee shop and make eye contact with an amazing girl interested in Art, watching the Discovery Channel, cooking, tea, Movies, Backpacking, and folk music? When do I become that person that catches everyone’s eye? Every day I come home to my fish tank, they are all still alive, I guess that is all I can hope for.

I am just glad everyone is still alive when I get home. Maintaining life is all the excitement I have right now.

Mmmm Autumn

I am going backpacking after classes today with Dave Koster. We are goign to Green Pine Lakes Pathway which is about 2 hours north of G.R.  This will be the first backpacking trip since Denali! I am very excited!

I believe there is something deeply sewn into the fabric of my being that has some strange love of Autumn. I love the coolness…but when it is this cold in summer, spring or winter I hate it. I love the smell of burning leaves, I love the colors of the trees. I just want to be outside when the weather is like this. I didn’t start feeling this way until the Autumnal Equinox…I swear the moment it turns fall My body fills with feelings of euphoria!!…. mmmm Autumn!

Classic Rock?

When did Van Halen, Def Leopard, Motley Crue, or any other shitty hair band become declared as Classic Rock, Why is it that I can’t get WYCE community radio at the Boer Bennink desk? Why is it that all three stations that play “classic rock” play such crap. Does no one appreciate our Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Heart, The Who, David Bowie, Elton John, Frampton, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Moody Blues, The Guess Who, E.L.O., Queen, Clapton, and to a lesser extent our Thin lizzies, Styx and B.T.O’s? Why can’t the rest of the Classic Rock radio world be like WDRV back in Chicago? I miss my daily dose of Guitar Gods and catchy hooks. I don’t need a hair sprayed tool in spandex squeeling out songs about sex kittens on car hoods. I want CLASSIC rock… the stuff that people aren’t ashamed to listen to. BRING BACK THE GOOD ROCK!!!

Things Coming Together

I like sleep, I wish I got more of it. I wrote a rough draft for english last night, I tried not to wander like in my last one (3 pages of paper instead of the recommended 1…that it 2 pages of babbling) This time the assignment was 3 pages I did 2 and 1/8th She thought I did better this time!

I like living with cool people, Jamie came over because his wife jenny was babysitting (they are also juniors at calvin, don’t get the impression that some random married couple is just hanging out with us) we wen’t to Meijer and then made yummy stir-fry for all 5 of us.

Bryan and I need to figure out what kind of coffee drinks we can make, try them, and then put up a sign behind the coffee bar. I am trying to perfect the non-coffee drinks such as iced chai, and other tea concoctions (I perfected my carmel apple cider) Bryan is in charge of the espresso drinks…after all he works in Schuler’s Cafe.

I hope this whole coffee bar thing comes together.

I am going backpacking this weekend with Dave Koster, it should be a fun time, I havent been backpacking since Denali abut a month ago!

House Tour

The time has come for the virtual tour of the abode of Andrew Raelson, Bryan Dyer, Tom Burry, and Myself. We live at 2469 Normandy Drive SE right by the Jolly Roger Ice Arena. Here We go!

This is the front of our townhome at night.

upon entering the front door you will see the living room, here are some pictures of it.

we now enter the small kitchen in which all meals are prepared (tonight it was broccoli and a turkey roast…I am the head chef)

Can’t forget the lower bathroom (or the “girls john” as we call it)

Lets go upstairs.

This is the upstairs bathroom, it has a separate toilet and shower away from the sinks and mirrors!

This is Tom and Bryan’s room, tom is sitting on his bed here

This is My and Andrew’s room, there is Raelson studying some Hebrew or something.

Now we shall go directly to the basement where our tour shall conclude.

This is the coffee bar that we built, it has a fishtank in it, blue rope light under the rim, and it shoots out fog from a hole in the side.

The basement will be a place for social gatherings, movies, praise and worship services catered with coffee drinks and also a place to just hang out, it is equipped with cable internet access!

This is the view inside the bar, and all it’s inner workings.

This is the stairwell up to the livign room , all my photography is displayed at eye-level as you ascend or travel down into the den of cool.

This is a wierd picture of me that is in the reflection of the mirror in our dining room

here is a slightly better one!…or two!

Thank you for taking the Josh Leo Virtual Abode Tour, please come again, perhaps next time in person!


Saved by the bell DVD
This DVD came out earlier this month, I am very happy, these are not the miss bliss episodes, no these are classic Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jessie moments folks, and guess who gets to write 3 papers on this show for his CAS class. ME!!! Oh it will be so much fun analyzing the gender roles, social structures, target audience, and all the other wonderful tv/communications/cultural things

I am trying to get some pictures of my house on my site soon..the coffee bar, the living room, my room and the like.


Chillin’ With Gillian

Even though the date on this will say friday, I will tell you it is still thursday in my head. yesterday I met Gillian Welch and David rawlings, I set up their dressing room, got their dinner,got them to sign my dulcimer (David even played it) Gillian signed this big album cover that a friend bought me in boston…she even wrote my name. The concert was amazing. and afterwards I got to spend more time with her as she was signing autographs and then while david was drawing a guitar to match the one Gillian drew on a guys nalgene bottle, Gillian and I made fun of David’s drawing skills and had an argument where the “f holes” of his guitar really are. then i got to go on their bus for a brief second to bring in the fruit that I had bought them and put in their dressing room. All in all it was a really freaking great concert and experience all together!

Today I went to calss, went to Ryan’s new place and went to work at the desk…not a bad day, not too exciting, I have to work tomorrow too…if anyone wants to visit at the BB desk from 9-11:30 I will gladly take visitors.


School Days

At times I get sad, mostly late at night, though maybe it isn’t sadness it is just a somber state. Kind of peaceful, introspective, and quiet.

I don’t like reading geogrophy assignments but I have to do them, what a pain.

I like having a cell phone, I just wish more people would call me on it (preferably after 9:pm and on the weekends) but still calling. When you have your own personal direct line on you at all times it just kind of feels like there should be more people trying to contact you. all that time that i used to be away from my dorm room phone I just assumed that there might be people trying to get a hold of me, well now that then can get a hold of me wherever I am, why aren’t they calling?

I wrote about my walking stick for english, how they represent my bad work ethic, my susceptability to distraction. I think it turned out well, it was going to be like only one page but I had to write more, I just couldn’t finish in 1 page…oh well more fun-ness to read.

I have always liked writing, not research papers, or book reports. I like writing about myself in narrative form, or analyziny my life, the objects in my life, or even life itself. I like using thick ajectives that trip off my tongue onto the page. I like creating pictures in peoples heads. I like using the brain that i have been gifted with. While my GPA may not reflect my brain skills, I feel as though I am fairly smart. I think that my brain skills combined with my creativity makes soem pretty cool things, papers, good questions and answers in class discussions. I may not have correct grammar on my papers, and I may not always do all my homework but I know that i am a thoughful person with good things to say and good ideas to express. I thrive in class discussions, I love oral presentations. I like to let my brain flow through my fingers to a keyboard and write things like this. I dont even think that anyone even reads this anymore but I still do it. It is a release and a fun excercise for my brain.

IF ANYONE ACTUALLY READS THIS SEND ME A QUICK MESSAGE BY CLICKING MY E-MAIL ADRESS OVER ON THE SIDE (it just brings up a little screen to write me in, no signing on to an account or any hassle like that)

I am a happy boy

Busy But Content

Busy days, Busy nights, Nice house, Great Roomates. I love living off Campus. I just got a Cell phone and if you are truly interested in calling me you can do so at 616-304-6403 the local part of the number (without the area code) is a palindrome…the same backwards and forwards. I am giving in to societies pull towards of technology and increased obnoxiousness. I had a good Birthday…Aside from my girlfriend and I breaking up the night before. I am having a great time and This year is going to go so well financially, academically, spiritually, and just good time-ly Hooray for life!

Waiting on Convocation

I am sitting in the library computer area waiting for 11:00 to roll around, I forgot that we could get free lunch if we went to convocation so I brought a lunch…it’s even in tupperware! Living in a house is so different from the dorms, more space, less people, more freedom, more stress of dealing with house needs and utilities. …dang it they are kicking me off the computers because of convocation!!! I’ll be back!