A Lover of Movies

I consider myself a lover of movies, I don’t enjoy seeing every movie that comes out, I really love good acting, good cinematography, and good plots. I rented 3 movies this past weekend with my girlfriend.
1. Four Rooms
2. Good Morning Vietnam
3. Kramer vs. Kramer

we started 4 rooms and then stopped it due to the extreme amounts of nudity, stupid plot, and just plain wierdness. My girlfriend picked out that movie, I didn’t wan’t to get it, I guess I was correct in my decision

We switched to Good mornign Vietnam, it was your classic dead poets society, patch adams movie that Robin williams just loves to milk. nice guy goes against the grain in a funny new manner and gets in trouble for it. it was good but it was so overdone…

then Kramer vs. Kramer, no wonder this movie got such great reviews and awards, Dustin hoffman is freaking amazing. I am still not sure if I am supposed to not like Maryll streep in this film but i think I dislike her. What a great story, what great monologues (a great thing that todays films lack) the movei just left a bad taste in your mouth, what a sad story that should have neverr happened, but done in the most perfect way possible. This is the kind of movie I love

Movies that show great emotion and get to the heart of the pure human soul are movies that are good, movies that are timeless and just great to watch.

I am moving into my townhouse on friday, then it is off to upstate new your with the roomates for a few days. I can’t wait to see those guys again, move in furniture, build a coffee bar, build a stage, and just live without dorm rules and dorm chaos.


A Glance at the Month

so far since Written last:
-160lb halibut
-getting lost in wilderness
-caribou, grizzlies, dall sheep, mountains
-4 hour layover
-girlfriend visits
-belly full of fish

That is right kiddies, I wen’t halibut fishingand caught my limit of 2 fish or “chickens” as they call them they were good eating fish. I got dropped off in Seward in the morning fished all day, missed my train back, a guy on my boat who was a very nice Christian man offered me a ride back to Anchorage, he caught a 160lb halibut.

I wen’t to Denali national park and went backpacking for 5 days, that is right 4 days without seeing a single person except Ryan Tans, we got lost a few times while hiking, (there are no trails in Denali) I lost the camera with my fishing pictures on it, lost my shoes, and crossed a river of ice water repeatedly for about 3 hours straight. I sweated while hiking, and froze when stopped, we saw many animals from the bus and many while we were hiking.

I took the plane home on the 20th and had a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis.

Andrea came to visit me in Chicago this weekend, we went to the art institute, watched Kramer vs. Kramer, and Good Morning Vietnam, We had an all around good time.

I move into my townhome in GR on friday then I am off to New York state with the boys on the 2nd to the 5th

I can’t wait to move in and I am quite excited to live on my own….with other people!!

That is all for now, I shall keep up with this metter when I have a cable modem in GR, but the entries won’t be so exciting…I’m not in Alsaka any more.

I’m Goin’ Fishin’

so the trip to Kodiak is not going to happen, we are going to save our money by avoiding having to take a ferry, plane, etc…and go to Denali for a week instead. Well I guess I am not saving that money..I am going Halibut fishing this saturday. I have to check in at the dock in Seward at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning…I am going alone…getting dropped off and taking the train back to Anchorage with a cooler full of fish (hopefully) p.s. Halibut often reach more than 80 lbs. Hopefully I get one that big and don’t get stuck with the Screech in the great Bayside High of the sea!

Backpacking and More Plans

I hiked 39 miles in 3 days this weekend. My legs are tired, we saw marmots, a bear carcass, a moose skull, beavers, i have blisters on my fingers from rowing a boat on swan lake. The pictures are coming…and when they do, so will the stories

This is my last week at work, the new manager (he is going to be the new manager at another club that is going to open in October, he also worked at REI and got me a deal on a tent and was there to somewhat play a role in getting the $280 backpack for my girlfriend for only $16.83) is having a staff BBQ tomorrow..that should be fun. I might go fishing on a charter boat..I mean c’mon I’m in Alaska…the Leo family would be ashamed if I didn’t go fishing once!