Alaska Arrival

The plane ride was a bit long…in fact it went 3 hours over what was supposed to be an 8 hour trip…I got delayed in Minneapolis, first the plane weighed too much because of mail, then the second navigation computer wasn’t working so we had to wait for like 2 hours after an hour we had been waiting already…no fun. I rolled into Anchorage at about 11:45 their time, so while all the people were in bed at 2:45 Illinois time I was looking for my luggage!

I have made it a point to beat up all residents of Alaska because they live in a heavenly place. It is so beautiful, the mountains, the mountains, and the mountains. and not to mention the fact that people were playing baseball in the park at 12:30 A.M!….It was still remotely light out at that time…Much like the sun at 7:00 back home.

Who knows the adventures in store for me this summer!! What fun awaits!?

Home Again

So the first solid day of being home is nice, I talked to some friends that I havent spoken to in ages and got to have some time sewing on a patch on my bag. this summer is hopefully going to be an amazing experience, and i hope to use it as a way to better myself.

I am going to journal, hike, camp, live, and just all around enjoy life. I will take full advantage of my setting and lack of responsibility to school!

Extreme Jello!

Yesterday I hit up the graduation of my brother’s G/F I knew other people graduating but they didnt even know i was there. We went out to olive garden, that is some good food!.

Today I went to church with my brother..and his girlfriend..and his girlfriends family…then we ate at their house. good food…extreme jello!

I am tired, I might take a nap…

Leaving Michigan

Boy oh boy oh boy…it sure does feel uber-fantastic to be done with my sophmore year of college. no more exams, no more tests, no more dumb people

Of course i know i am going to miss all my friends, especially my girlfriend, very much. No longer will Raelson be giving commentaries, no more will Burry be studying inthe coffee kitchen and randomly saying “meh”, no more Bryan screaming, or being so sarcastic you want to hit him. I am gonna miss it all…it is good to get away from the drama and sass that is Alex but i will miss my roomate…

Ok so the dorm cd went really freaking well, we sold about 85 out of 100…that is alot for a dorm cd’s….and i was quite happy with the product that i got…if i ever make a cd of just my music…i will probably have printing services make it for me.

I am at my brothers house until Memorial day, my mother is in Mackinaw and then she comes back on sunday, then i go home, hang out at home/see family/see friends (at least the ones i still have), do yard work and then leave for the land of the midnight sun! A FREAKING WEEK FROM TODAY I WILL BE IN ALASKA!!!! it’s not like im excited or anything….heheh hehe Mwahahah!!!

I watched one hour photo last night starring robin williams, it was quite freaky…he can get pretty wierd…but he will never lose his natural annoying randomness hilarity that is Robin Williams

ok well i think im gonna go take a shower..bye!

So Close to Done

Late night was long, but good. It was about friendships, especially friendships between two members of opposite sexes. It made me want to go give all my friends hugs.  and man oh man was that garlic bread, all of you really missed out.

so I ordered some stuff off Ebay a while back

the first thing came right away (a diamond willow branch that I’m making a walking stick out of) but the second kept me in waiting…the ultrasonic mister! basically it makes mist like dry ice but without the cold and without the cost, just electricity!

I am bringing in the dorm C.D. to be printed and published tomorrow (well actually today, to be technical) I am quite satisfied with the art I made for the insert…it makes me feel special.

la la la I am giddy… no homework…no more classes after tommorrow…YAY!

Garlic Bread

I am going to make garlic bread pretty soon, I like it a lot. Oh i am so excited about this dorm CD, I am so glad I came up with the Idea, there are so many good musicians in this dorm it’s rediculous! The songs they wrote and recorded are really awesome!

I’m gonna go to late night…I’ll be back in a Sec!

Almost Done for the Year

So this past weekend has been quite fun and relaxing. After I turned in my 14 page religion paper, I was done with my projects and papers! No more big work until exams!

so that freed up my mind to be excited for the dorm banquet. I went as an old man (grey hair, grey moustache, old man suit, cane, grampa glasses, the works) and my date (my girlfriend Andrea) went as a flapper straight out of the 20’s, she made the dress herself! we were accompanied by another old man and flapper (Justin Daining and andreas roomate Anne) Our banquet was at the childrens museum and was so freaking fun! Well,

after that was over my upper lip hurt from ripping off the moustache that i had glued on. I am now eagerly awaiting exams to be over with in about a week or more…of course it sucks because I wont see the GF for 3 months. After school ends, I crash at my brothers house for a few days, head back home for a few more days and then go to ANCHORAGE ALASKA for the whole summer. that’s right kiddies Josh is living with the Tans family and is going to try to find a job up there, and go backpacking on the weekends! what a great summer this will be

I am also eager to be living with Raelson, Burry, and Dyer next year…we find out on june first if we get the townhome we applied for. If we get it we are going to have a coffeehouse/ministry/music venue in our basement!

oh life is good, and things can only get better….or i could fail my exams, miss my plane, not get the townhouse, have my family and friends die of SARS and then find out that Jesus was actually a potato and not the risen savior…..but I’m thinking that none of that will happen…especiall not the latter

I promise to keep writing in this more often, especially throughout the summer to inform all you of my adventures and to help me remember myself.