Chi-Town Blogging

I am here downtown in the Apple store you know the computers….meh…I just saw the production of “A Christmas Carol” at the Goodman Theatre…We are gonna go to the Berghoff….its some good restaurant…hooray for being sick and walking downtown…..or not


Holy crap it is so freaking snowy outside right now, I went to english class at 10:30 and got back to my car at 11:30 and there was an inch of snow covering the whole car! How is it possible that it was like in the low 60’s yesterday and now it is low twenties!!!

I am glad that thanksgiving is coming, I like food, but i will miss all the people being gone for the week…

Here is a picture of Calvin’s campus as I am typing this


I have been running all over the place today, meetings, meetings, shopping for Gillian Welch, leading a discussion in BB tonight, and now i have to go to bed on time so i can wake up and set up gillian welch’s dressing room tomorrow. Bryan got a job a schulers cafe so he isn’t home much but tom, raelson and I had a roasted chicken and corn all for like 6 bucks. I picked up the chicken from Meijer. I hope all you are great, send me an e-mail and i just might reply!

Favorite Links

I honestly thought that I might get some more comments than the few that I have gotten…I mean c’mon that last one took a lot of time!

I am so happy, my paper got pushed back and now i have more time to work on it….perhaps i can avoid an all-nighter for this one!

I really enjoy making music, especially with other people, there is somethign about having two or more instruments, be it actual physical instruments or voices, come together and make music.

I have now decided that you can learn more about me by learning about how i spend my time, and wht i am interested in…here are some links to websites I frequent, and information about things I like to do!

homestar runner<--- Freaking hilarious Exploding Dog <---cool drawings! Corvine Design <--- My brothers Page Backpacker Magazine <---I have an alternate e-mail account here, and I subscribe Ebay <--- I buy stuff here Mountain Dulcimer <--- I play one! Six String Bass Dulcimer <--- This is my dream instrument Baritone Ukulele <--- got this on ebay for 30 bucks...just waiting for it to be shipped! Rephidim Store <--- Our house's Coffee Shop's online store! Josh’s Store <--- My online Store! Josheph Cornell <--- My favorite sculptor...or i guess...assembler.. Modigliani <--- My favorite Painter Gillian Welch <---My favorite constant musical Artist The Jayhawks <---My current favorite Band That is all I have time to put up right now...thank you for your time, and if you only go to one of the links make sure it is either the dulcimer page, the Joseph Cornell page, or the Jayhawks Page! I love you, leave comments!