wow, 3 entries and no feedback, I am starting to think that no one reads this…

I am getting really sick of some of the people in my class, they make comments throughout the whole movie (usually every movie) and once class is dismissed half the class is already talking on their cell phones while walking down the hallway. This types of people make me ashamed of owning a cell phone…i swear i only use mine in the private of my house or when it is really important!

I am a big fan of sleep, this is something i don’t get much of, last night i got home at 11:00 from leading a discussion about race after watchign an episode of the cosby show…oh wait no I didn’t…only one person showed up to the thing…I taped multiple shows, picked the best one, did some research, studied one of my textbooks on race in the Cosby Show and then set up the girl’s basement of BB…I moved all the chairs, the big carpeted wooden things, set up the projector, put up a sheet to project it on, and even walked the halls to try to get people to come…only 1 showed up, we watched the episode than he left…I am really pissed because I asked people what they wanted to watch…they said Cosby…people gave really good feedback last tuesday and told me to do this more often…there were like 25 people last week for the simpsons…1 this week…that really sucks!…oh well i still get paid for all that time i wasted!